Gluten Free New York Style Pizza? Yes Please.

I ordered a gluten free, cheese free veggie pizza last night from one of my favorite New York style pizza places. A place that my husband and I frequented quite a bit before I went gluten and dairy free nearly two years ago.

Pizza has been one of the hardest things for me to give up as part of the endo diet, so I was quite thrilled to learn that this place now offers gluten free.

We picked up our pizzas last night smelling so delicious, mine topped with so my veggies and clumps of fresh garlic. The taste lived up to the smell – warm and delicious.

I recall commenting how it was the best gluten free pizza I’ve had – the crust so fluffy and so unlike most gluten free pizzas.

Wait…Too good? The flour on the bottom…? I ordered a gluten free pizza a couple weeks back from Big Bill’s and I didn’t remember it being like this?

“I don’t think this is gluten free…?” I told my husband.

He was doubtful too. But, since I was starving, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and gobbled up three pieces. Maybe they are just super awesome at making gluten free pizza?

As the night moved on I felt a little bloated. I’ve been feeling kind of icky and bloated anyways lately. (My digestion has been a bit messed up since my last cleanse.) So I wasn’t really sure if how I was feeling was related to the pizza or not.

Gluten? Or Gluten Free? The verdict please.

I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. Maybe the pizza wasn’t gluten? I brought a couple of slices for lunch today with the thought that I’d try again. A part of me thought that with the liver cleanse and other dietary changes I’ve made that even if it is made of gluten that maybe I can somehow tolerate a little bit of it now?

My husband really wanted to know if the pizza was made of gluten or not, so he told me to leave a piece behind to bring back to the restaurant. The verdict? Gluten. He calls to tell me after I’ve consumed and enjoyed two big pieces for lunch.

A few hours later the fun begins – headache, awful gas and the return of the preggo belly. Aches, pains and a severe tiredness swept through me, threatening an unwelcome nap at my desk.

All symptoms of gluten intolerance – symptoms that I used to get all the time before cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet.

Endo pain also flared up – sharp stabbing pains on my right side, pain in my lower back and my right hip. Ouch.

On the Positive Side?

I sit here feeling the consequences of that pizza tonight. A reminder that I do not want to feel like this again. The return of gluten.

I think sometimes with the restrictions on the endo diet – gluten, dairy, fried foods, and sweets (all staples in the American diet) that a reminder from my body that these foods are bad is indeed a good thing.

Painful, uncomfortable reminders like this stick in my memory as the reason behind my diet. A reason to say no whenever temptation is presented.

I cannot believe that I used to feel like this all the time. It’s not worth it. While I did not intentionally eat the gluten, the short time that I enjoyed that pizza has resulted in the same – gluten intolerance confirmed.

Oh and by the way they did credit us back for the pizza, and yes I will be back to have a true gluten free pizza in the near future 🙂


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