Painful Anticipation

A piece of me was relieved to see Aunt Flow arrive today as I’ve had a long week of cramping and dark red to pink spotting. My entire body ached, especially my lower back, shoulders and head. I haven’t felt this way in awhile. Last night I broke out in tears as I wasn’t sure of what else to do. The pain was overwhelming.

My symptoms lead me to believe that my progesterone levels are low. (And I’m still not convinced I have a gallstone stuck). I re-took the free hormone test on Dr. John Lee’s site and my symptoms confirm low progesterone. Next month I am going to test my hormone levels via the saliva hormone test kits on his web site – testing for estradiol, progesterone and testosterone – so that I know for sure.

My body is usually very sensitive to the choices I make on the days prior to my period and most sensitive on the first day of flow. I cannot tolerate fats, or anything hard to digest. My pain flares when I consume foods higher in phytoestrogens: flax, all beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, etc. I’ve had some of the worst pain after eating chocolate in this time period, even though I usually crave it.

Day of Pain = Day of Self Care

Today the blood is flowing with clots – big ‘ol chunks (another sign of low progesterone). The fact that things are flowing is a good thing, as usually my first day is just a lot of pain and not a lot of movement. In Chinese medicine Endometriosis is often explained as a blockage in the pelvic area. Warmth is supposed to help improve and move this blockage.

I feel like the decisions I’ve made today have helped a great deal with my pain levels, so I’m going to document my process for future reference:
Aubree’s Self Care Recommendations for The Day of Pain (and any other days of discomfort):

  • Drink lots of water – two room temperature glasses to start the day
  • Warm shower at the beginning of the day, preceded by a dry skin brush to help remove toxins from the skin
  • Warm glass of Dandy blend and coconut milk
  • Warm heating pad on my pelvic area
  • Give digestion system a break so the body can attend to fighting the pain of menstruation – two big glasses of liver friendly fresh juice with cucumber, dandelion greens, green apple, turmeric and black pepper (The turmeric and black pepper are warming – so they counteract the cooling action of the juice)
  • Organic Curry Butternut Squash Soup for lunch and dinner. Butternut squash is high in antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory and Curry is also an anti-inflammatory spice. The soup was easy on my digestion and warmed my insides
  • Vitalzym three pills, three times a day (so happy to have it back 🙂
  • Fish Oil twice per day, Magnesium/Calcium/Vitamin D twice a day
  • Lots of rest and time spent on creative, fun activities
  • Took a walk outside and spent some time in the sun.

My focus was on keeping things light and warm and my mind relaxed. This focus has allowed my “day of pain” this month to be not so painful 🙂

Do you have any other suggestions to help with your day(s) of pain? Would love to hear your ideas in the comment section below.

Wishing you a day free of pain, of laughter and positivity. A day of peace with endo 🙂


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