Liver Prep Time

I’ve been prepping this past week for my third liver and gallbladder cleanse. I am doing The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz. The author is an Ayurvedic practitioner who has essentially healed himself of a bunch of different ailments by doing a series of liver cleanses.

I have hopes that by completing a multitude of cleanses and clearing my liver and gallbladder of all gallstones that my body will be better apt to detoxify and correct the hormonal imbalances behind my endometriosis.

The prep this week entailed drinking 32 ounces of apple juice everyday, along with the following diet restrictions: no cold food or drinks (as they chill the liver and make the cleanse less effective), no fried foods, avoiding all animal products, and no supplements. I am doing the actual cleanse tonight.

Been feeling the effects of all the sugar from the apple juice. My hands are cracking again (sign of candida overload). I do plan on keeping my candida feeding foods to a minimum the next couple of weeks.

Am I Crazy?

I must admit that this past cycle has been a rough one. Following my last cleanse about six weeks ago, I’ve felt like there’s been stones stuck. I’ve been achy with a pretty consistent headache and pain in my shoulder blades – all signs that a gallstone could be blocking something somewhere. I am hoping this long overdue cleanse will help and am trying to block out the negative connotations the last cleanse left me with.

Unfortunately my husband is dropping out this round. He too had a tough cleanse last go round (We both got pretty sick). And I think he just wants to enjoy the weekend, rather than suffer through another cleanse. Can’t blame him.

So I’m facing this next cleanse a lone warrior. Ugh. Doing the cleanse alone is a bit daunting and making this process lack a bit of validity in my mind – as I am the only crazy person doing it 🙂 It has helped to have him stand by my side and explain his positive results as well.

On the Positive Side?

Perhaps I need to complete the cleanse to find the positives…LOL. I am feeling hesitant right now going in this alone, but am trying to remain optimistic. I’ve purchased a new brand of organic olive oil that I am hoping to stomach better and am mixing it with oranges and lemons this go round rather than grapefruit. So perhaps it will taste delicious? 🙂

I am keeping my thoughts on the results and reasonings behind this process, rather than on the process itself. I want to feel better and believe this cleanse will help me. I am keeping hope. Will let you know how it goes….

Wish me luck….


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