Soaked in Chemicals

So I finally got my hair cut yesterday. Luckily I was having a not so greasy day, but I was still a little nervous to have my stylist touch my no poo hair. I let her know again how I have hard water at my condo that tends to leave a residue behind – she could tell.

She doused it in shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioner that did remove the residue but left my hair feeling unusually soft – as if more was stripped. I suppose this is how most things feel when soaked in chemicals – I mean there is a reason why women continue to put cancer causing chemicals in their hair – it makes it “pretty and soft”.

She cut off about an inch or so then proceeded to dry and style my hair. She asked if I wanted any product and I said no. “You sure?” she asked.

Despite my clear “no” she continued to spray what she called “shine” into my hair and each spray made me cringe (aerosal spray no less…argh!), holding my breath as the toxic mist passed my face.

I felt for the first time what a bug must feel like as it’s sprayed with bug spray! Chemicals just floating over me surely ingested into my body – a slower destruction than bug spray…

Slick and Smooth and Static Filled

Regardless, I left the salon all slick and “shined” and admittedly I did feel pretty – the little pampering was nice. My husband commented how nice my hair looked too.

I brushed my hair this morning with my boar hair brush and my hair flew up with static! I washed it with just water as usual but the smell of chemicals remains. My hair is abnormally straight and still super soft and continues to fly away with tons of static! Tells me that in all reality the products dried out my hair.

I am trying to remain optimistic but feel a little disheartened as I’ve been through months of detoxing my hair and here I am again at what feels like square one, and I know my body engulfed parabens and cancer causing chemicals. Makes me wonder if the lifespan of hair stylists is shortened dealing with these chemicals all day!

On the Positive Side?

My dried, split ends are gone and all in all I am happy with my haircut. I really do like how my stylist cuts my hair and I’ve been seeing her forever…but perhaps I should do more research on stylists who at least use natural products (if they exist). My hair is soft and shiny right now, a feat that’s been difficult on my no poo journey 🙂


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