No Poo? Say What?

I started on my “no poo” journey over two months ago, as I finally gave into my mind’s nagging about all the chemicals listed at the end of the ingredients in my organic shampoo and conditioner. I found lots of posts online and discussion about using Dr. Bronner’s as shampoo and seeing as I was already using this as soap on my body, I figured I’d give it a shot.

My first concoction included Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Almond Castile Soap, grape seed oil and filtered water followed by an ACV and filtered water rinse. My hair came out like paste – stuck together and super greasy.

I found a better mixture of 1TBS organic coconut milk mixed with 1TSP of Dr. Bronner’s, followed again by a diluted ACV rinse – about 1TBS in 8-12 ounces. This makes about a day’s serving. Only downfall is that the coconut milk has to be kept in the fridge. I opted to make fresh serving every morning but you can make more and store it in the fridge too.

I used this mixture every other day, then moved to every three days and then to once a week. Then I was only using it once a week then finally to just water. (I think part of this due to laziness on the days when I had to mix up the coconut milk and soap).

Five Weeks Later…

So here I am five weeks later of using just water on my hair – a move that I would have thought was completely crazy a short time ago. I mean you have to “wash” your hair right? Right. But not with a load of chemicals that seep into the scalp and linger around our faces all day.

Thing is – shampoo and conditioner strip the hair of its natural oils so when you stop using it your hair naturally gets greasy. By kicking the poo your hair returns to its lovely natural state. But it does take awhile to get there.

One thing that has helped a lot is brushing my hair with a boar hair brush. It helps to spread the hair’s natural grease from the roots to the ends and it makes my hair so soft! I was never able to use this type of brush in the past – my hair would fly up with static – but I have no static problems anymore.

I am facing problems with the hard water at my condo, which tends to leave a residue behind in my hair. I’ve tried boiling the water and using filtered water with no avail. I do have to brush this residue out everyday.

While I think I’ve made it through the initial adjustment stage, there are some days that are worse than others. I never know what will happen with my hair on any given day – but I suppose this has always been the case 🙂

In Need of a Hair Cut…Bad.

I must admit that I’ve been avoiding cutting my hair during the adjustment period for fear of what my hairdresser will say. But my ends are super dry right now and with thick brown hair this is a bad thing. It’s well over due. I’m in need of a trimming real bad.

I have an appointment tomorrow and I am still a bit apprehensive about having a professional touch my no poo hair and worst of all dump more chemicals into it. Should I admit that I’ve been going no poo? I am hoping that the adjustment time afterwards is not as bad…and hoping that I have a not so greasy day tomorrow.

On the Positive Side?

I must say that my hair is better with just water than its ever been with the various shampoos and conditioners I’ve tried over the years. I’ve always struggled with my thick hair that has always had an annoying kinked kind of wave that I had to curl or straighten to look right. And now my true waves have come out! My hair is so curly and looks like I’ve always wanted it to. I’ve received compliments on multiple occasions.

For those who have considered cutting out the chemicals and joining the no poo movement, or for those ladies just starting out – my advice is to keep with it. It does get better. And what a time and money saver!

Do you have experience using just water on your hair? Any other tips to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.


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