Endometriosis and Digestion

All disease begins in the gut
– Hippocrates

The major lesson I’ve learned on my natural journey to healing endometriosis is the important link with your digestive system. I found this out quickly when I cut gluten and dairy out of my diet and started eating more fiber – more fruits – more vegetables – and things started moving out of me.

I find that when things come out all is well 🙂 When things don’t, or the food I consume creates gas or indigestion, then this stoppage correlates with endo pain.

[ctt template=”12″ link=”7h7GF” via=”yes” ]Your gut is responsible for absorbing the vitamins and minerals your body needs. When it’s backed up or faulty, other systems are affected and your body is unable to absorb nutrients from your food and/or supplements.[/ctt]

Years of NSAIDs and pain killers adds even more turmoil to your intestines. My colon hydro-therapist told me that it takes seven years to fully digest one percocet. Wow. I believe it.

Pain killers are the worst for me. I take one and things immediately stop moving – for a couple days. I spent a good decade popping some type of over the counter anti-inflammatory medication every day.

What’s Missing?

My digestion has been off this past month. Things have not been moving out. I’ve suffered days with – nothing. Yes – nothing. In addition my skin’s breaking out, my lower back hurts, I am achy and tired. Oh Yes and Bloated – Gassy -Yuck.

I haven’t felt this way in awhile. Reminds me of how I used to feel before I found out I had endometriosis. So I kind of feel like I’ve moved backwards.

Then the other day it occurred to me that a key supplement has been missing from my daily regime – Vitalzym.

Endometriosis and Vitalzym

Vitalzym is made up of systemic enzymes that promote healing and repair of your body especially in your gut. It’s made up of the following digestive enzymes:

  • Bromelain – digests protein + reduces inflammation
  • Amlyase – helps break down carbohydrates
  • Lipase – breaks down fat
  • Rutin – flavonoid that helps strengthen capillaries and other connective tissue
  • Amla – rich source of vitamin C useful for stomach problems, anemia, hyperacidity and gynecological problems
  • Protease – accelerates healing and reduces inflammation
  • Papain – proteloytic enzyme that aids in the removal of dead cells
  • Serrapeptase – aids in the removal of dead tissue, blood clots and cysts

I’ve been taking Vitalzym for about a year at the highest recommended dosage – three pills, three times a day. I took it thirty minutes before a meal (or an hour following a meal). I started it shortly after my laparascopy last year and it helped the endo pain so much, weaning me off of Ibuprofen/Advil and improving my digestion ten fold.

Ideally you should poo after every meal (I am amazed at my puppy, Alice who always manages to do this) – but at least twice a day. When I was taking Vitalzym things were moving out of me at least twice if not three times a day 🙂

Like I said, when things come out – all is good.

Due to budgetary constraints last month I opted not to buy another bottle of Vitalzym. So after my last cleanse I stopped taking it. Well as I mentioned, this is not the only thing that has stopped…

On the Positive Side?

Vitalzym is one of those supplements that you don’t really notice is working until you stop taking it. I’ve had lapses in the last year and a half where I stopped taking it but not as long as a month’s time. I am going to suck it up and order another bottle as it’s totally worth it. Perhaps I needed this test to realize that Vitalzym is worth the money.

Have you tried Vitalzym? Had success with digestive enzymes?

I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Much Love,


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