A Rough Go Round…

I completed my fourth liver and gallbladder flush this weekend and I will be first to admit that I just wasn’t that into it this go round.

I think part of my problem was the fact that I picked a Friday night to do the cleanse, which includes fasting for half of the day, drinking epsom salts and a citrus/olive oil combination before an early turn in time of ten o’clock. All this while my husband, his friend and my brother-in-law ate, drank and were merry 🙂 I do not do well with not eating so my temper was a bit hot.

After taking my second round of epsom salts I felt really nauseous and was just dreading drinking the olive oil by myself. I was able to get most of the oil down but I confess that I was not able to drink it all this time. I felt super sick and was sure that if I finished it I would throw it up immediately. So I left a smidgin of the oil and juice mixture in my mason jar, laid down and tried to relax the extreme sickness in my stomach.

I was able to sleep for a couple of hours before having to get up and eliminate…and puke. Fourth time and I have yet to keep the oil down – my body just keeps rejecting it.

Am I Almost Done…Or Just a Lull…?

I woke up several times during the night to eliminate and expected to see stones (as in the past I passed them immediately after drinking the oil mixture), but to my disappointment – no stones.

I got patchy sleep before rising at 6:30 AM to drink more epsom salts. I continued to eliminate – but no stones…no stones…then some very little stones – maybe twenty total?

After a long prep week and Saturday morning filled with burning bile escaping my bum, I must say that I felt quite disappointed that I didn’t have a big release of stones. I felt like it was all for nothing…

A part of me wonders if I had a poor release because I failed to finish all the oil mixture. I will not make this mistake again. If I’m going to do it, I have to finish it. I dislike having this doubt in my mind.

Then the other (positive) side of me hopes that I’ve cleaned out most of the blockages and that I am nearing the end. But if this is the end, shouldn’t all the pain be gone? Or at least lessened? I suppose time will tell. Will see how my period is next cycle.

On her site, Sensible Health, Julia Chang mentions how it takes three to four cleanses to clear out all the stones, (so maybe I’m almost done…) but I remember Andreas Moritz giving a number of six to ten. He says to continue cleansing every three to four weeks until you have two consecutive cleanses with no stones….

So – Yes – I am going to continue cleansing…

On the Positive Side?

I am feeling great today! Very clear headed and no pain. Very relaxed…happy 🙂

I was not as disciplined in my eating choices yesterday (the day of passing stones). I ate an egg white omelet at about noon with an array of vegetables and some fruit and gave in last night to some sushi 🙂

These choices were impacted by my raging stomach that I was not able to control this time. But since I did not pass too many stones, I was pretty sure I was not going to get any stuck as I have in the past…

Regardless, my digestion feels good today. I was sure to take some Vitalzym and Probiotics this morning, which I took a break from the past prep week. This has helped things move out of me 🙂

I am going to take a break from the liver cleansing through the end of the year since my birthday is next month followed by the craziness of Christmas.

I feel good knowing that I can relax a bit on the cleansing. I do feel like the whole process can take over and cuts into time on the weekend (yes these are sounding like excuses to myself right now) but I need a little break to enjoy the season 🙂

Peace to you.

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