In the Season of Thanks

I got a colonic yesterday to finish up my fourth liver and gallbladder cleanse. I must say it was quite a success! For about an hour I watched gobs and gobs of waste flow out of me. Wow.

My colon hydrotherapist mentioned how she was really busy this week. I assume this is because of the Thanksgiving – the holiday centered around eating lots and lots of food 🙂 The holiday was on my mind too. I wanted to make sure everything was cleaned out before the feast 🙂

So in the season of giving thanks I am very thankful that I discovered colonics….Never thought that I’d say this 🙂

What is a Colonic and Why Do it?

I used to sell advertising over the phone to small businesses. One such client of mine was under the category of “Colon Hydrotherapy”. I believe this gave me a chuckle. What is this about?

I ended up talking to the owner who was a certified colon hydrotherapist and she was so passionate about it! She explained how colonics remove waste that gets stuck on the sides of the colon – things like pills, pesticides and other chemicals that build up for years.

By the end of the conversation my interest was definitely peaked but I wasn’t ready to take the plunge. My biggest fear I think was having to insert something up my butt – Ha, ha 🙂

It took me three years to finally do it. After deciding to do my first liver and gallbladder cleanse, I had to do multiple colonics as part of the cleansing process.

I made a last minute appointment so I didn’t have time to stress and worry about the experience. My wonderful husband came with me. The system we used is called the Angel of Water. It is an “open system”, which means the piece that is inserted is much smaller 🙂

It was weird at first, but as time moved on I’ve gotten used to them and now I think I may enjoy them a bit 🙂 I know – who knew?

I believe a huge factor in healing endometriosis comes from removing excess toxins in the body. The body has several ways of eliminating toxins including through the skin and obviously out our waste systems as urine and feces. When things get stuck in the colon these toxins don’t exit the body.

Colonics and Colon Cancer?

After coming home from my colonic yesterday I received an unfortunate call from my mother. My grandmother is in the hospital. She has a “mass” in her colon that the doctors think may be cancerous. This mass is preventing things from exiting her colon so her body is recycling toxins as waste is unable to move out of the body. She’s unable to eat anything.

“If you want to see your grandmother again you better come now,” my mother said. Oh no…

My grandmother is quite old and suffering with Alzheimer’s. This is just another hit on her. I was super saddened when I visited her yesterday in the hospital 🙁

She is having surgery soon to remove the mass and hopefully remove the pain. My grandmother is an awesome woman – so strong. Praying that whatever happens that she’s able to find peace.

I find it somewhat ironic that I had just finished a colonic and received this call. Is this a sign that what I am doing is beneficial to keeping me from being in my grandmother’s condition. Do colonics help prevent colon cancer?

When I went in search for an answer on this question via Google, I only found articles from the American Cancer Society and other medical conglomerates expressing how dangerous colonics are and how they do not prevent colon cancer.

They state that the dangers come from faulty machines or dirty equipment. I believe these opinions to be quite biased, and am further saddened that this is all the information I found from the medical community in relation to colonics and colon cancer. It seems the cancer industry does not want the public taking preventative action with colon hydrotherapy.

Oh well…nothing new here…

On the Positive Side?

I believe that the benefits of colonics are clear and should be considered when seeking natural methods to heal endometriosis and most other diseases.

Since I’ve started to do colonics I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my digestion. They are a great way to hydrate my body and have improved my skin. They also assist in ending constipation and bloating. I rarely bloat up anymore even when I eat foods that were problematic for me before (in small portions).

Disease begins in the gut and must exit out the colon. Why not take the time to clean it out once and awhile?

Much love and peace to you this holiday season. 

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