Successfully Vegan For a Week

This past weekend I made it through my fifth Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. My husband did the cleanse with me this time, and it really helped to have a partner to go through everything with 🙂

In the book Andreas Moritz explains how meat requires a larger amount of bile to digest and can often times cause gallstones to build up — so to prep for the cleanse, and give the liver and gallbladder a break, we both ate a clean, vegan diet for the week. This is the first cleanse that I was disciplined on this.

Surprisingly, I was able to eat vegan even though I ate out almost every day for lunch. I am happy to report that most of the places that I ate at are chain stores across the United States — Positive Trend 🙂

A couple of these healthy, vegan options are two of my favorite go-to restaurants — Chipotle and Jason’s Deli.

Chipotle provides food that is raised in a sustainable manner and they use organic ingredients when possible. They tout it as food with integrity. Their food is simple – rice, beans, salsa, guacamole – and they are quick and inexpensive 🙂

Jason’s Deli has yummy gluten free, veggie options including their grilled zucchini sandwich or delicious salad bar. They offer quite a bit of organic ingredients, including their mixed salad greens (awesome considering lettuce and spinach are sprayed with so many pesticides!)

While I’m not sure that I can commit to being vegan (Oh for the love of Sushi) — I do plan on cutting back on my meat intake. I am making it a goal to eat meat only 2 – 3 times a week.

This Time I Am Going to Keep Down the Oil….

We did the actual liver and gallbladder cleansing part last Friday. (I like to do them on Fridays so that I have a day and a half to recover). We had colonics in the afternoon and refrained from eating anything after noon. Without any food in our bellies, we were quite snappy by the end of the evening, LOL.

My biggest dread with the cleanse is drinking the oil concoction before bed — made up of a cup of organic olive oil and a cup and a half of orange and lemon juice — yum! LOL. Every single cleanse I have thrown up the oil — without falter. One time I made it through the night only to awake and throw it all up upon rising, Ha.

The point of the oil is to essentially clear out the gallstones in the gallbladder, which then prompts the removal of the stones in the liver.

I coaxed myself this time throughout the night (as my stomach growled) I am not going to throw up this time. I am going to stomach it….

So there I stood next to my bed — with my awesome husband across from me — and we downed the oil together. I told myself that it was just orange juice, a sweet salad dressing….Ugh. Licks of honey in between gulps definitely helps.

We drank it all down, then laid down together, in 20 hopeful minutes of silence as the stones released from our gallbladders and livers. I felt spams in my liver but I stayed still and did my best to get some sleep.

About an hour later I heard an all too familiar sound from my one year old boxer, Alice, who was in her crate next to the bed. Oh no… this is not happening … but it does — she pukes. Ugh.

My husband and I both remain where we are — afraid to move — for fear of what may come up. But the smell gets to my husband and he has to get up and puke….

A couple of hours later after getting spotty sleep I wake again to the familiar sound…. Seriously? Again? Yes Alice pukes a second time — after I jump up, pull her from her crate and into the bathroom.

Long story short — the matters eventually cause the oil to stir in me — right up out of mouth. LOL. It all comes up, yet again — an oil, citrus mess…

Positive Results

Regardless of the fact that I threw up the oil….again….I had positive results from this liver and gallbladder cleanse. I passed at least 400 stones — with about 100 from my liver and 300 from my gallbladder.

The first passing that I had included about 15 marble sized, super dark green stones (the darker the color, the older the stone). I was happy to see these come out — yikes. They must have been causing some kind of havoc in me.

I’ve been feeling kind of icky the past couple of weeks — waves of nausea, dizziness, headaches and an eczema breakout on my hands.

After reviewing the book again, I noticed that these are all signs of having gallstones in the liver and gallbladder — perhaps these big green marbles were causing these issues? Either way I am happy that they are out of me.

I had a second colonic on Monday and so much gunk came out of me. Honestly I felt a little rough, like I was expelling a lot of toxins — only a good thing for healing 🙂

On the Positive Side?

I am feeling great today and my hands have improved. The biggest impact I notice has been on my state of mind. I feel very clear headed, creative and SO grateful! I feel like I can take on anything and have been much more aware of the subtle messages of the Universe 🙂

This feeling is SO worth the trials of the cleanse.

I have been charting my cycles the last couple of months and am curious to see if this cleanse has any impact on my chart in terms of hormonal balance, as this really is the point of all this cleansing. Will keep you updated…

I felt good cutting back on my meat intake. I think that a huge factor in the problems we have in the meat supply in the US is the fact that Americans are consuming SO much meat. I know that I used to eat it at just about every meal (if not meat, then cheese), just about every day.

If everyone cut back their meat intake to no more than three times a week — imagine the impact!

Have you tried a liver and gallbladder cleanse? Found success with a vegan diet? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Much love.

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