Finding Peace Each Day…

I signed up for Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation challenge. It is a program that promotes daily meditation and is accompanied by daily emails that include different tidbits relating to the mind, body connection.

After hearing more and more about the benefits of meditation, including relaxation and reduction in stress, I decided to give it a go awhile back; but of late, I’ve fallen out of practice.

So I was glad to hear about this meditation motivating program. I signed up a few days into it and admit that I have not participated daily, but receiving emails in my inbox each day is a good reminder of what I should be doing, LOL.

I did manage to take ten to twenty minutes a few mornings this past week, in the stillness of my condo, before waking the dogs and starting work for the day — to sit in silence.

I’ve struggled in the past quieting my “monkey brain” but I think this is normal for most, especially those of us new to the practice.

I’ve tried the method of counting from 0 to 100, then backwards from 100 to 0, taking focus on my breath. But counting has become less effective, as my mind easily drifted to random thoughts, many of which were lain with stress — I need to pay that bill, I have so much to do today, Is that Alice whining in her crate? I should get moving….

Meditating With Affirmations

Each of the daily emails from Oprah and Deepak’s program end with a positive, affirmative statement for the day. One that stood out for me last week was this:

“I am perfection. I am healthy. I am strong.”

After receiving this beautiful email about the perfection of my body, I was moved to change my meditation method. I switched from numbers to a simple affirmation inspired by the above message:

“My body is perfect.”

I focused on this positive affirmation as I sat in silence. I ran it through my mind: My body is perfect. My body is perfect. My body is perfect….

The words flowed with my breath, and as time passed, I found that focusing on this message helped to calm me down.

With endometriosis I think it is easy to think the opposite thoughts from this — I hate my body. I am not healthy. I am weak and tired.

By repeating this positive message over and over, as silent peace flows through, I believe eventually the body will come to believe it 🙂

Regardless of the disease that has riddened my insides, brought me days and days of pain and darkness, regardless of that which threatens my ability to bear a child — my body is perfect.

Any thoughts against this message will only cause more worry, more pain. And who needs that?

On the Positive Side?

When I was able to drag myself out of bed early enough to allow for ten to twenty minutes of sweet meditative serenity — I did feel better.

But I know that I need more time. I saw a message the other day that recommended every one meditate for twenty minutes a day, and if you’re really busy, then you should take an hour 🙂

I know that it is hard within a jam packed day to find the time to sit in silence, and living with two pups and my husband (who is a talented musician), and working in an office environment, often times I have a hard time finding this quiet, LOL.

The morning is the only time, which means I have to rise earlier. This takes discipline.

I’ve realized, however, that it is necessary. Whether it be morning yoga or meditation, I need to take this time for my mental health, for peace within.

I do believe that the mind is a very powerful thing and that there is great healing abilities within the practice of meditation. I know that stress if a huge contributor to pain in my body (and mind).

I believe the positive message “My body is perfect” is just what I needed to tell myself, and what every endo sister should tell themselves. Because you are perfect dear endo warrior — just as you are. 

Do you meditate? Any tips for the less experienced? Have you found that it helps your pain levels? Would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Peace to you.

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