Shifting to Nutrition and Wellness

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to learning 🙂 For the past ten years of my life I’ve been in school studying different things — politics, law, business, marketing, web design….

My passion of late is nutrition and overall wellness of body and mind. This passion spurred the creation of this blog and acquires much of my free time now, as I continue to research like topics. I’ve dropped my fiction for books on parasites and mindfulness — LOL.

I’ve contemplated diving more into this field and somehow making it a bigger (breadwinning) part of my life. I contemplated becoming a Naturopath (ND) — then looked into the years of school this required, the monetary investment needed and the fact that accredited schools were all out of state — and decided otherwise …. for now 🙂

I looked into being a nutritionist, but decided that this kind of limited me to the traditional medical system, and since it also required a lengthy time commitment and monetary investment — I decided against this path as well.

I became intrigued by a nutrition program offered by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The program is a year long and at completion I’d be a certified health coach — helping and motivating people to live a healthier lifestyle.

The instructors involved in the program are nutrition and wellness experts that I just love —  David Wolfe, Dr. Andrew Weil,  Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joel Furhman and Geneen Roth, to name a few.

While intrigued, I put it on the back burner.

Subtle Messages From the Universe

A couple of days prior to this past Christmas I took advantage of my company’s “day of giving” and volunteered at a gift wrapping event that benefitted a local animal shelter/adoption agency.

There was another woman volunteering at the event, who in passing conversation, mentioned health coaching. The words made my ears perk up and I asked her more about it. Turns out she was in the middle of the nutritional program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! Go figure.

Talking to her definitely got me thinking again about joining the program. I sat in on an information session with a graduate of the program and found the energy contagious … but I continued to put it off.

While I didn’t directly act and enroll in the program, the possibility popped up frequently in my mind — What if?

What if there is more that I can do to help people find a healthier lifestyle? What if I was able to better share my personal experiences with natural healing and the power of diet and self love to help others? What if I could help more women with endometriosis live a cleaner, happier lifestyle with less pain?

That would be awesome. 

This past week I pulled out my morning peppermint tea bag and the dangling tag revealed one simple, powerful word that spoke to me deeply: 

Then I read my daily email from Oprah and Deepak’s 21 day meditation challenge and something inside of me shifted. Here’s what the email said:

“Day 18 – Living With Passion
Passion is energy. It’s the power that comes from focusing on what really excites you. When we live with enthusiasm, we fully engage our brains and our bodies in our activities, building new pathways that foster health and wellbeing.

One way to ensure that we live our lives with passion is to find our dharma, our life’s true purpose, through which we can serve our community and ourselves in deeply meaningful ways. Engaging in life in this way helps keep our minds active and sharp and strengthens our relationships with everyone we meet.

Our centering thought for today is: 
I live my life with passion and enthusiasm.

So without further delay…. I took the plunge and enrolled for the upcoming class at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition! Leave it to Oprah to awaken an A-HA moment in me, LOL.

On the Positive Side?

While a part of me was somewhat reluctant to jump into another commitment, I believe this to be the right move for me, and I am super excited! I look forward to learning more about nutrition and sharing what I learn with you — my lovely reader 🙂

I am excited to take a step towards living a life that encompasses my passion and using this to help others. This dream is possible. I believe it. The first step is deciding to make it happen.

I hope that you too find your passion and make your dreams reality. If you are unsure — then take time to recognize the messages all around you. I swear the universe was sending me mine.

Much love 🙂

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