Post Period Pain….

This past week I suffered through a horrible post-period headache accompanied by aches and pains in my body. I found it really hard to concentrate on the computer screen during a very long work day.

When I got home I curled into a ball on the couch and closed my eyes, the resounding beat in my head. Shortly before bedtime I decided to take the advice of my peer health coach at IIN.

After our last coaching session she assigned homework to me to take an Epsom Salt bath. She also sent me a few samples of essential oils — one of which was lavender.

At her suggestion, I added one cup of Epsom Salts to my bath and a few drops of the lavender oil and dropped into the wonderful, warm water.

Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is a mineral made up of magnesium and sulfate compounds. Magnesium sulfate is easily absorbed through the skin and Epsom Salt baths are a great way to do so 🙂

Magnesium sulfate is an essential building block for brain tissue and joint proteins.

It is also said to be a strengthening agent to the walls of the digestive track. It helps the digestive system release toxins and unwelcome bacteria and it supports growth of digestive enzymes.

Studies indicate that the absorption of magnesium during an epsom salt bath raises serotonin levels and reduces stress.

And as I found, the magnesium absorbed into my body helped my aches and pains as it helps reduce inflammation and increases circulation.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing — both physically and emotionally.

My own experience showed me that lavender oil is a powerful remedy for headaches, stress and nervous tension. It is great for aching muscles and cramps.

It is recommended to add six to eight drops of lavender oil to the epsom bath after the water is running and shake around the water. The epsom salts helps to disperse the oils throughout the water.

On the Positive Side?

I don’t remember the last time that I took a bath. Thinking it’s been over ten years (seriously). The past couple of places that I’ve lived have not had the best tub for soaking, but in our new house this is a different story 🙂

I am sure glad that I did. Once I finished with my soak I felt remarkably better. My pains subsided — including the headache I’d been unable to shake for a couple of days. My relaxed state made it much easier to fall into a restful sleep.

I definitely will be repeating this process 🙂 

Have you tried an epsom salt bath with lavender? Did you have a similar experience? Any other suggestions for oils to add to the bath? I’d love to hear from you….

Much love,


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