Chakra Balancing

At the recommendation of a fellow endo sister I read a book awhile back titled Chakra Balancing – 7 Easy Steps to Improved Health and Well Being by Michael Hadfield. At the time I was unfamiliar with chakra balancing. While it intrigued me, I admit, I set the book aside and did little with the information.

Until the topic of chakras kept coming again and again with other IIN students in our discussions about our health issues. Chakras kept appearing in articles in my inbox and Facebook feed.

Intrigued again by the subject, I re-reviewed parts of Michael’s book. Is there a deeper meaning behind endo pain?

Today I write in further exploration of this chakra topic that keeps appearing in my life in subtle ways — with hopes of advancing the practice of chakra balancing into my own healing path 🙂

Focus on the Second Chakra

Chakras are energy points in the body — major networks of arteries, veins and nerves that are believed be the body’s life force. There are seven different chakras centered along the spinal chord of the body.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “vortex” — a symbol of energy energy flows along this pathway much like through the circulatory system. In order to heal illnesses and disease this underlying energy source needs to be understood and balanced

The chakra most related to endometriosis, I believe, is the second chakra.

The second chakra is the sacral chakra or in Sanskrit — Svadhisthana. This chakra is located below the naval and encompasses the reproductive organs, pelvis, large intestine, the lower vertebrae, appendix and bladder (all areas often burdened by endometriosis).

Physical issues in the sacral chakra include fertility and other reproductive organ problems, menstruation difficulties, kidney and bladder problems as well as auto immune disorders — Hello endo 🙂

What Causes a Blocked Sacral Chakra?

So what causes a blocked sacral chakra? Negative emotions. 

Even a tiny change to negative energy flow through the sacral chakra can have an impact on the body — appearing as minor, physical problems at first. Major, sustained issues can manifest into more serious physical problems (endo!).

The sacral chakra relates to emotional identity, desire, and personal relationships.  Issues and stressors in this area can spark negative energy, leading to issues.

Mental issues related to a blocked sacral chakra include anxiety, stress, depression, self punishing thoughts, overeating, addiction….

I know I can relate.

Clearing a Blocked Second Chakra

Michael Hadfield describes some methods for helping to clear these blockages in his book, so if this interests you I’d suggest picking it up.

I have tried a guided meditation that works up visuals, moving focus up the length of the spinal cord — in hopes of achieving a full balance of chakra energy.

I think the most important connection is found between the sacral chakra and creativity. When creative outlets are not present then issues arise in the second chakra.

I was reminded of this creativity and womb connection from a

She put together an important connection — I am lacking creativity at work and having fertility issues. In a subtle manner she was relating my chakra energy. I told you it keeps following me! Lol. This definitely got me re-evaluating my current work situation.

I do believe that creative expression is very beneficial. When I am busy with creative energy — be it writing or playing guitar or cooking a meal my mind is not anxious, stressed, depressed, or self defeated. And this creativity leaves behind an imprint of me.

There is no chance for sacral chakra depletion during these creative times. Only restoration 🙂

On the Positive Side?

There are different colors related to each chakra and the sacral chakra is represented by the color orange. When I think of meditation and orange I think of sitting outside in a beautiful sunny day, feeling the warmth of the sun with my eyes closed. With my eye lids shut admist the sun, the insides of my eyelids show orange.

Of late, my favorite part of the day is the ten to fiveteen minutes during my lunch hour where I just sit in the sun, quiet, my eyes closed, with orange energy — sending warmth and healing to my second chakra…. Bliss and healing 🙂

Another IIN student told me about her positive experience with Reiki — a healing method that relates to healing chakra energy. I am curious to try this out and see if it is helpful.

What about you? Have you tried chakra healing methods? Have you found success with anything? I would love to hear from you.

Much love,

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