An Offer Presented….

About a month ago an offer was presented at my full time job that included a package (with a nice sum of money) to leave the company. Cost cutting measures meant that we were overstaffed and cuts were needed.

When I heard the offer my insides turned a bit. My immediate response was,
“Take it!”

My self reflection and learnings from IIN have brought to light just how much my job has been sucking energy from me. I’ve hit a bit of a wall of boredom and an uninspired future left seeds of doubt in my life.

But…. I was pregnant at the time and really not in a position to walk away from a steady job with benefits. I had another life growing inside of me. I could no longer be selfish about these big kinds of decisions.

I was worried about being able to find a new job and of starting a new job while I was pregnant. In case you missed it, the pregnancy did not work out. In fact, I miscarried the day that I needed to notify if I was accepting the package or not.

A New Opportunity….

While I didn’t accept the package, my dissatisfaction with my employment did not leave me. One day I took a moment to do a job search and came across an opportunity with a web development company to do entry level coding. It definitely peaked my interest.

The position would allow me to work from home. This was a big benefit for me (if you are an endo sister you understand why).

I decided to send off my resume. I got a call the next day for an informal phone conversation with the owner and from there I went through a series of interviews and in the end was offered the position — yay 🙂

But…. I didn’t accept it right away. Fear crept in again. Was this the right choice?

I’ve been at my current position for a long time and while fighting back boredom and afternoon naps in my cubicle, I felt afraid to leave my warm nest and the benefits that I’ve gained over the years.

However, my intuition did not leave me. It was time to go.

Power of Intuition

I accepted the position a couple of days ago. Whew. I still feel a little apprehensive, but I think this feeling is overwhelmed by excitement for change and a new opportunity to do something I am interested in and want to learn more about.

I am kicking myself (hard) for not accepting the package offered to me. The timing of it was perfect and would have corresponded perfectly to my last day.

While I could dwell on this, there is no point. It is what it is. As the saying goes — You live and you learn.

What have I learned from this? The importance and power of intuition. Something told me to take the package. That gut instinct. Intuition.

Why didn’t I listen? Simple answer — fear.

What did I learn? Intuition is stronger than fear. Sometimes we just have to take the leap.

Silent Moments of Connection

I think that it is easier to connect with this intuitive power when I am in tune with myself. When I take the time to listen. In silent moments shared with myself a deeper connection is made.

This is done best for me through a regular meditation practice. During the last couple of weeks of job interviews and other stress, I was doing the 21 day meditation program put on by Oprah and Deepak Chopra on Desire and Destiny.

The program asked important questions like – Who am I? What do I want? It worked through visualization practices and self reflection on finding true purpose, passion and focus to find your life’s destiny.

This meditation and self reflection helped me to stop and listen. To connect to that inner place where all answers lie.

The more I listen, the more intuitive I become. The more balance in my life, the more that synchronicity keeps happening in my life.

On the Positive Side?

The positive is I got a new job! I was picked out of a good stack of applicants. While I had less experience than many of the other interviewees, I was still chosen.

I think this was all meant to be and I think the deeper part of me — my intuition — my soul — knew it to be true. But had I not been listening, I’m not sure I’d be so clear on the signs.

Meditation is a powerful thing. I am coming to realize this more and more.

And intuition — the guiding force forward 🙂

What about you? Can you recall any instances of intuitive power in your own life? I’d love to hear from you.

Much love,


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