Early Morning Rising

I made it through two weeks at my new job working from home. My work time starts an hour later than my old job and since I get to work in my office a simple step down the stairs…. getting ready has become less time consuming 🙂

My intention with the start of this new job was that I was going to continue to rise at the same time I was used to getting up each morning and get a workout and meditation time in before starting the day. This would also allow me time to cook a nice breakfast if I so desired.

Well things didn’t turn out as planned and in the past two weeks I’ve not once gotten up at this time. My brain knows that I can still sleep and my body wants nothing more than rest (and more rest). Since I work later…. I sleep later.

I really struggle pulling myself out of bed each morning without a minimum of nine hours of sleep. And that never happens during the week. Since I know that I can get up later I stay up later. I find my creative juices run best after 9pm 🙂

I recognize that I have classic symptoms of adrenal issues. Check out a previous post I did on the adrenal glands and adrenal fatigue.

Confession Time…

Given the struggle to get out of bed and the haze that follows me thereafter I’ve resorted to my good friend — coffee. Yes it is true, I admit it here to you.

When I first made changes to my diet three years ago coffee was the hardest thing for me to cut. Eventually I did it though and steered clear for over two years!

Then the Holiday season came around and the “special” flavors of coffee arrived at Starbucks and on a whim I decided to have one. I started with decaf.

It didn’t really hurt me…. maybe me a bit gassy yes, but caused me no pain. And better yet it gave me some energy and helped me to focus. It made the morning drag better. It helped me wake up.

I found myself consistently stopping at Starbucks and eventually my drink went from decaf to the full espresso 🙂

It’s OK.

I found myself feeling guilty about these coffee stops. I know how bad coffee is for my tired adrenals, for my hormone balance….. etc. But at the same time, I didn’t want to stop.

And I haven’t. I realize again why it was so hard for me to give up the last time. The energy burst is addictive and I simply love the flavor of coffee, the ritual, the warmth. It helps me to focus.

So what does this mean? I like it and that’s OK. Ha. Maybe not the insight you were expecting?

I know that it is not the best choice but I enjoy it, Lol. I shouldn’t feel guilty about this. I’ve given myself “permission” to have some coffee as a reminder that it’s OK if I’m not perfect all the time.

That being said, I should set some boundaries…. I’ve settled at the moment of not making coffee a daily thing. I find if I overdo it that I do start to notice its negative effects. Coffee is a bowel irritant and a diuretic. I do notice that it dehydrates me quite a bit.

Coffee can be a digestive aid as well, so I’ve followed the suggestion of only drinking it after having something to eat. I also try to counter it with lots of water.

And Starbucks can definitely not be a habit. WAY too much sugar in their drinks. The latte that I love has over 40 grams! Yikes.

If I brew it — it’s from home now 🙂

On the Positive Side?

I realize that I have adrenal issues and I know that drinking coffee is not recommended, but I also realize that I like coffee and stressing about drinking it is even worse for the adrenals! Lol.

The truth is…. I’m tired. The mornings are the worst and having the extra burst to focus and get going…. well that’s addictive. There is a reason why there are Starbucks everywhere! There’s a reason why this beverage made its way into my young adult life. Its present in work environments to promote productivity.

I suppose my point in all of this is that its OK to have what you love sometimes…. just don’t overdo it and if you choose to partake…. don’t feel guilty about it 🙂

What about you…. have you struggled giving up coffee? Do you still drink it? What helped you cut it out? What helps you rise and shine in the morning time?

I’d love to hear from you….


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