It is Superbowl Sunday and not just any ‘ol regular Superbowl as my home team is playing! It has been since 1998 that the Denver Bronocs made it (and won) the Superbowl.

I grew up watching the Broncos play and have held as a steady fan, watching every Sunday, even though at times it was painful to watch 🙂

For me football goes hand in hand with a cold beer. This has been a ritual in the past and even after going gluten free, I’d cheat with a nice beer for the Broncos game.

Until last New Years where I made the resolution to stop drinking completely. I made it about six months before breaking that one 🙂

The reasoning behind this restriction came from a memory of pain following drinking alcohol — either as I drank, and most definitely the next day….

Why to Avoid Alcohol With Endometriosis

There are many reasons why alcohol and endometriosis do not mix. 

The primary one is because alcohol is wearing on the liver. The liver is super important for filtering out toxins and bad estrogens that feed endo.

Alcohol is also said to increase estrogen levels in the body, which can aggravate endo.

I know that on the days following a night of drinking that I definitely feel it. I am exhausted and pretty useless. Often times the day following drinking I’d wake with a horrible headache.  As if my body just can’t handle it anymore.

Regardless of all of this, there are certain occasions where I am privy to breaking the no-alcohol rule and Superbowl Sunday with the Denver Bronocs — is definitely one of them 🙂

My Choice Alcoholic Drinks

When I do decide to drink I’ve learned that there are choices that don’t have such an impact on me.  So I thought I’d share my two favorite adult beverages with you 🙂

The first is a sulfite free red wine called Our Daily Red. Sulfites are commonly added to wine as preservative. This preservative can cause endo pain to flare up. I think it is also the ingredient behind the headache I was sure to get from drinking wine with sulfites.

With the sulphite free wine I don’t have this reaction. Double bonus with Our Daily Red is that it is organic. This is a big deal since grapes are often times sprayed very heavily with pesticides.

I mentioned just how beer plays a role with football 🙂 Luckily I’ve found a delicious gluten free beer called Omission. The makers of Omission have figured out how to remove gluten from their beer made with traditional ingredients.

The best thing about Omission is it tastes just like beer!

On the Positive Side?

The further I come on my healing journey, the more open I am to allowing in that which has been forbidden 🙂 I feel like my body is a lot stronger than it used to be and when I do go off my normal path and have a glass of wine or a cold beer, that it doesn’t impact me as bad.

While I do not recommend making alcohol a normal habit, I do recognize how nice it is to have a buzz 🙂

And it’s been a LONG time since the Broncos made it to the Superbowl — so you betcha I’m going to celebrate! LOL. I find it surreal that we’ve made it to the championship game. And super exciting!

The game’s about on…. So I’m off…. Go Bronocs!

Much love,

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