What are Morning Pages?

I had the privilege of listening to Julia Cameron through my studies at IIN. She is the author of the book The Artist’s Way (on my to-read list). She spoke about the magic of what she calls “Morning Pages”.

According to Julia,

Morning pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do morning pages – they are not a high art. They are not even ‘writing’. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind – and they are for your eyes only.
Morning pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Do no over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page… and then do three more pages tomorrow.

She told her story and how Morning Pages really helped her to find a creatively deep inside — a transition that changed her life very much for the better. She also spoke of how many of her client’s had used this simple practice to improve their lives tenfold.

Julia’s passion on the subject intrigued me 🙂

Morning Pages Through the Shredder…

I’ve been doing morning pages for about two weeks now. I grab my yellow pad of lined paper and a pen and write three pages, longhand, shortly after waking. I let everything from my mind spill out onto the page. My gripes, my fears, the tasks that need to be done…. whatever is on my mind. 

After the first few days I sent my sheets through my cross-cut shredder — LOL. Julia joked in her talks about keeping a piece in your will about burning the Morning Pages — these thoughts should not be read by others 🙂

After a few days of doing this exercise I unexpectedly wrote out something from pretty deep inside of me and from here I realized that Julia was right — this simple exercise is powerful stuff.

Revelations From Morning Pages

Since you are a dear Peace With Endo reader, I will share with you my revelation that I later sent through the shredder…. It had to do with self-sabotage and fear.

My stream of words on the page revealed the reason behind my inclination to not follow through on ideas to the end, or the reason why I have drafts of two books that I haven’t worked on in months…. all linking to this quiet self sabotage that lingers in my head.

After coming to this revelation in my Morning Pages several events followed and a stream of positivity floated my way, as if the universe understood that I needed a lift — a reminder that…..

I am good enough. I matter. My words and writings I put into the world are appreciated.

Apparently I needed to get this message out of my head, in words on paper, so that I could receive this in return. Like I said, powerful stuff 🙂

On the Positive Side?

Morning Pages are a simple exercise that anyone can do. Julia makes it clear that the pages should be written long hand, as this creates more connection and requires more time for the mind to unfold.

I think that getting these inner messages out is a key part of true healing. For this inner “story” contributes to the pain that eats away inside — subconscious messages manifesting into physical reality and pain.

I hope that this intrigues you to try this practice out and find your own clarity. My short couple of weeks at this have proved to be quite insightful and has triggered synchronicities in my life that I believe flow from a greater sense of self and connection to what’s really going on inside of me 🙂

What about you — have you tried Morning Pages? Are you going to give it a shot? I’d love to hear from you….

Much love to you….


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