I completed my tenth liver and gallbladder cleanse this past weekend. I know…. I can’t believe I’ve done TEN of these! Lol.

Stones are still coming out…. big ‘ol stones. I passed one that had to have been at least an inch in diameter! Seriously.

I went to see my colon hydrotherapist today and she smiled, “Did you take a picture?” Lol.

Priceless. (And no I didn’t actually take a picture).

There is a testimony in Andreas Moritz’s book about a women who just kept cleansing and cleansing until finally she passed a HUGE stone and once it was out all of her health concerns dissipated. Perhaps there is something big in me blocking pathways and causing all kinds of havoc?

After seeing the 100 or so stones I passed this weekend I know that my pathways are WAY cleaner. Especially considering that 20 of those were marble sized.

I woke up feeling pretty amazing – my lower back feels better as do my other joints that having been so achy lately. I am super clear headed and feel so joyful today.

Keeping the End in Mind

I must admit that I almost didn’t follow through with the cleanse…. on multiple occasions. After drinking the oil concoction at 10PM I laid down and was struck with a horrible bladder flare, but I couldn’t move for twenty minutes, so I laid in agony, trying to relax.

After about a few of hours of trying to sleep I finally got up to get my heating pad. I did not make it far before the nausea hit and…. well it all came up…. again. That makes nine out of ten cleanses where I’ve thrown up the oil. And there is nothing nice about grapefruit coming up the other way. Ugh.

My bladder was still throbbing, but the heating pad helped enough to get me to fall into a half dazed slumber. I recall lying in my bed with a strong thought in my head – I am NEVER doing another one of these cleanses. This is it.

At this point I considered again stopping the cleanse. I didn’t see how I was going to hold down another couple rounds of epsom salts. But somehow I did. And when I saw the big marble sized stones pass from me….I was glad that I did.

Now that I am through the trials and tribulation I feel amazing! I know that with the passage of these huge blockages that my liver and gallbladder have to be functioning better, and like I said I am feeling SO good today.

For this reminds me of an important lesson…. keep the end in mind.

This is true from whatever intention you seek. When you visualize the outcome, it helps propel through difficult times when you want to quit.

This is why I continue to express this awesome feeling that I feel today after completing the cleanse, as I want to remember why I do them.

Ten Tips to Prevent Gallstones

I hope that I am close to flushing out all the stones in my liver and gallbladder. I think that I’d have to be right? I have to stop and wonder if it will ever be clear? Do I just continue to collect new gallstones in my liver and gallbladder? Will it ever be clear! 🙂

These questions prompted me to review Andreas’ suggestions to help prevent gallstones from forming in the liver and gallbladder.

Here are ten tips to help….
1.) Keep your colon clean – congested intestines become a breeding place for bad bacteria and some of these toxins enter the blood which sends them to the liver. Constant exposure of toxins impairs liver performance and reduces bile secretion. Avoid processed foods as they can cause unneeded build up in the colon.

2.) Do a kidney cleanse – the kidneys are an important player and when they get clogged this problem passes down stream. I assume that my bladder flare was correlated to kidney issues of my own, as the kidneys can build up stones of their own. Find out more about Andreas’ recommended kidney cleanse

3.) Drink ionized water frequently – The sipping of hot ionized water has a cleansing effect on the tissues of the body. According to Andreas, “It helps reduce overall toxicity, improves circulatory functioning, and balances bile.”
When water is boiled for 15-20 minutes, it becomes charged with negative oxygen ions. When you take frequent sips of this throughout the day it helps get rid of positively charged ions associated with harmful acids and toxins.
So basically boil some water for 15-20 minutes and pour it into some type of stainless steel thermos then take one or two sips every half hour all day long. Easy enough right? 🙂

4.) Drink enough water – the body needs water in order for proper digestion and liver functioning. Hydrating the cells also helps cleanse out toxins. The most important time to drink water is after waking. This helps move out debris and toxins from the night before.

5.) Cut down on alcohol – This one seems pretty obvious. Alcohol is super wearing to the liver and depletes the body of minerals. It is also dehydrating.

6.) Avoid overeating – Eating more than the stomach can process causes the liver to secrete excessive amounts of cholesterol into liver bile, which leads to the development of gallstones. If you feel super full after eating (like you can’t move – Lol) then you’ve likely eaten too much! This is a simple case of listening to your body, while not feeling obligated to clear your plate.

7.) Maintain Regular mealtimes – If digestive circadian rhythms are disrupted then the body easily becomes imbalanced and unable to fulfill essential tasks. Regular meal times helps the body prepare for the production and secretion of digestive juices.

8.) Get Enough Sleep – When you are tired the whole body is tired and does not function as well as it could. Andreas points out that the most important time to be asleep is in the two hours before midnight where a deep sleep happens along with vital repair and rejuvenation of the body.

9.) Exercise Regularly – Regular exercise helps the body digest food, eliminate physical impurities, balance emotions and strengthen our ability to handle stressful situations.

10.) Get Enough Sunlight – Regular exposure to sunlight improves many functions in the body including glycogen stores in the liver and the balancing of blood sugar.

On the Positive Side?

May I say once more that I feel awesome today! I am happy to say that cleanse number ten was a success and after seeing so many large stones free themselves from my liver and gallbladder, I feel like I am getting closer to clearing all the stones out…. I surely hope so 🙂

I have been feeling pretty crappy since my progesterone experiment a few weeks back. I had a killer headache, aches in my back, my neck, my shoulders…. the list goes on….

But today I feel SO much better. These aches and pains are gone. I hope that this feeling sticks around 🙂

Keeping the end in mind keeps fueling me ahead on this journey. I suppose I need something to believe in — something to give me hope that I can truly heal from endometriosis.  Funny how I swore I would never do another cleanse and here I am contemplating my next.

Until next time….

Sending you much love,


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