A Life Changing Year at IIN

I finished up my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) this month and am so happy to report that I am officially a certified holistic health coach! This past year at IIN has been awesome — a truly life changing experience.

I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for the health coaching program at IIN and for the school’s mission to create a ripple effect of health and happiness throughout the world. The program allowed me to connect with people passionate about health and healing.  It’s incredible to see the impact IIN graduates are having all over the world.

Upon starting at the school nearly a year ago, I took on my first (and most important) client — myself! IIN inspired me to cook more and experiment with new, creative recipes and different whole foods. I added new flavors to my cooking regime like umboshi plum vinegar, kombu, and rice wine vinegar.

Most importantly, I learned that health and healing is made up of so much more than food! The lessons that I learned over the past year have helped me to manifest large scale changes in my life that have created a much more nourished life.

Looking back at this time last year I was in a very unhappy living environment (more background here) and I was working at an uninspiring, dead end job.

Fast forward to now and I am living in a much healthier living environment and changed to a new career in web development that allows me to be creative and work from home 🙂 While building upon my new health coaching practice at Peace With Endo — my true passion.

Shortly after joining IIN one of my biggest dreams manifested. I found out that an essay that I wrote (about my journey to healing endo) is being published in an awesome anthology of women writers! In a few short weeks I will officially be a published author! Stay tuned for more on this….

Overall I am in a much healthier, peaceful place than I was a year ago and I owe much of this to IIN 🙂

To Health and Healing for Endo Sisters

In my last week at IIN the founder, Joshua Rosenthal, asked that we take our education from IIN and do our part to create a ripple of healthy change in the world.

To help manifest my own little ripple amidst my community of women fighting endometriosis, I put together my first group health coaching program called “Empowered to Heal Endo!”

The program is aimed to naturally decrease pain, increase energy, and increase awareness of your body and its abilities to heal from endometriosis. 

The group coaching program is based upon the many lessons that I’ve learned in my three year journey to healing my own endometriosis — lessons that have brought me to a life of limited pain and sense of peace with myself and my body 🙂

I chose to do this in a group format to create a strong environment of support, a crucial component to healing and fighting for your own healthy changes in a not so healthy world.

Our first session will be Tuesday, April 29th at 5:30 PM MDT and we will meet every other Tuesday evening for 12 total sessions.

Find out more about Empowered to Heal Endo here.

On the Positive Side?

In order to make my ripple a little bigger I’m offering four scholarships to Empowered to Heal Endo! This means that four, empowered ladies with endometriosis will work through the program at no charge!

I’m looking for women with endometriosis who are committed to following a natural path of healing — open to changing your life through diet, lifestyle and positive thinking.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then please contact me and let me know your story and why you want to join Empowered to Heal Endo! Your email must be received no later than Monday, April 21, 2014. (I will let winners know by Tuesday April 22nd).

I can’t wait to connect with you!

Much Love,

P.S. If you are intrigued by IIN and considering joining I’d love to chat with you about it too… 🙂


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