I Can See Clearly Now

I finished up a book yesterday called, I Can See Clearly Now, by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It is his personal memoir revealing an inspiring tale with life lessons woven in at the end of each chapter.

This is the first book I’ve read by Dr. Wayne Dyer and I’m not sure how this is so! I felt so in touch with his life story and overall positive messages.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has written over forty books with varying subject matters based on the power of setting intentions, and manifesting a life true to spirit, based all around our innate composition of LOVE. 

I downloaded his memoir on a whim after seeing it on special…. (oh how I love my Kindle and the instant gratification it brings) I read about a quarter of it that first night.

I believe that I was meant to read I Can See Clearly Now during the past couple of weeks of my life. A time that has been…. darker for me. I’ve been feeling…. flat, uninspired and not sure about the future.

His words flowed in a way that just made me feel better. 

He reflects back on all the struggles in his life as lessons and steps along the path. What may seem like a horrible experience at the time, can lead to a new upward shift — if we are paying attention.

“I Am a Writer”.

Early in his life, Wayne realizes that he wants to be a writer and after getting his first essay published, he understands that writing will continue to play a big role in his life. He realizes that his writings can provide helpful and positive information to a wide amount of people.

He writes about the power of words and the energy that is exchanged between the writer and the reader, regardless of time or location. This depiction sticks with me…. and made me think of you reading my words here 🙂

He is clear that there are no coincidences and expresses synchronicity as a spiritual expression of sorts.

During the time of reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book about his life and discovery of a life of writing, purpose and peace, I too was reading a story that I wrote in an anthology of awesome women writers. My first published piece of work.


I thought about the exchange of energy with my words to readers out there and I know too that I want to be a writer. Better said, “I am a writer.” This is something that I knew as a young girl as I started writing stories at a young age.

Inspired by Wayne’s book, I picked up the first draft of my novel that’s been waiting to be re-written for about a year and a half. The act of writing fiction helped to revitalize my perspective, as I fed my spirit with fuel to express itself.

While I love writing to you here at Peace With Endo, I think that it is good to break free and enter the world of make believe. Within the words of fiction I truly hold the keys to what happens 🙂

We Become What We Believe

Wayne describes several instances in his life where mind over medicine came into play. Where he was able to better his health or a negative situation by setting a clear vision in his mind with true belief that whatever he envisioned would come true.

I relate this to my journey of healing endometriosis which started with the belief that it is possible to get better, to feel better. It is possible to heal.

I happened to see a post in a support group today where several members stated quite clearly that “there is NO cure for endometriosis”. These words of powerful “dis”belief irked me.

This message is engrained into our heads by doctors, the media and other women with this disease. The belief that there is no way to get better, to resolve the horrible pain, manifests itself in our minds, into our bodies.

Wayne writes consistently about the power of the words “I Am” and the words to follow. We become what we believe about ourselves.

I think a big step to healing is the belief that we CAN get better. “I AM going to feel awesome.” Once this intention is in place, then you aspire to make it happen.

If our mind is so clear that there is NO cure, then this sends a signal to the body that it is sick and will never get better.

On the Positive Side?

Dr. Wayne Dyer left me with a positive energy and a clear memory about the power of words. I felt the energy and emotion spilled into those pages. I cannot wait to read more of his books.

My intention with this blog is to spread a positive message amidst the frequent dismal messages about endometriosis — the belittled beliefs that there is no way out of the darkness besides surgeries and horrible drugs.

I hope that my words are helpful to you. I hope that you leave with the same positive energy that I send out as I write here to you.

You can be whomever you decide to be. The words that follow “I am” are so powerful. What follows this statement for you?

Have you read any of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s writings? Recommend any other of his books? I’d love to hear from you….

With love and peace to you,


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