Daily Guided Meditations

I developed the habit of participating in daily guided meditations delivered to my inbox from different 21 day meditation programs. It seems like as soon as one ends, then another one pops up.

The one that I am doing right now is from the Mentors Channel and is based around mantra meditation, which I’ve surprisingly enjoyed.

I like the fact that these meditations stop at a preconceived time and getting the email each day reminds me that I need to take the time.

I try and get these 15 – 20 minute meditations done in the quiet of the morning before my husband and the dogs get up, but this doesn’t always happen 🙂

Unfortunately, these digital meditations mean that I have to stream off of our Internet connection that has very little upload power. This means that when I listen to them, my husband loses his Internet connection, as everything bogs down.

Mindful Meditation

This happened again this evening, but instead of trying to force the unloadable stream on my iPad, I instead set it aside, leaned back in my chair, and went into my own stream of mindful consciousness.

I rolled my toes through the cold grass and felt the sun on my knees. I took a long breath in of the warm air around me and closed my eyes.

My ears shifted to the sounds of the birds singing in the trees, of the sound of a lawnmower in the distance, the sound of the wind rustling through the trees.

When thoughts came to my mind I acknowledged them, then let them pass. I turned my attention instead to this beautiful moment of simply being.

When I opened my eyes I took in the gorgeous green landscape around me. I experienced gratitude for the shaded canopy from the big trees that have stood on this earth likely longer than I.

I looked down at my boxer, Alice and I smiled. I appreciated her beauty and the fact that we were both just being present with each other, enjoying the gorgeous evening.

On the Positive Side?

I’m not sure how long I sat, but I do know that as I rose, I felt much calmer. I recognize that this mindful meditation was just as, if not more effective, than streaming one from my electronic device.

Living in a mindful manner makes for much less stress. Taking in and appreciating each moment of our lives as they happen grants presence to ourselves and to our loved ones around us.

Starting out with a simple mindful meditation where the goal is to just sit, breathe, observe, feel, and acknowledge is a great way to get started. I enjoy this most when I can do it outside.

What are you waiting for? Put down your electronic device and try it out! Please let me know how it goes…..

Much Love,


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