Deeper Connections to the Moon Phases

I have been reading the book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup and am loving it! Highly recommended.

One of my big take aways is her relation between the menstrual cycle and the cycles of nature, especially in relation to the moon.

For centuries women’s cycles fell in line with the phases of the moon. Key rates of conception/ovulation occurred at the full moon or the day before, while during the new moon, increased number of women started their menstrual bleeding.

(This may or may not be the case for you today, as our cycles have been disrupted by the emergence of artificial lighting and electronics).

The moon has a period of time when it is covered with darkness then slowly, with the onset of the new moon, it becomes visible to us again, gradually waxing to fullness.

In relation, women too, go through a period of darkness each month when the life force may seem to disappear for awhile (during the premenstrual and menstrual phases).

The moon rules the flow of fluids (ocean tides as well as individual body fluids) and interacts with the electromagnetic fields of our bodies and affects the unconscious mind.

This means that we retrieve and process information differently at different times of our menstrual cycle as our creative and psychological cycle parallels the phases of the moon.

The Moon & the Unconscious Mind

The onset of menstruation until ovulation (the follicular phase) is when the egg ripens in preparation for new life. During this time, you may find that you are at the peak of expression in the outer world with energy and positive outlooks. This time can be filled with new ideas, symbolic of the “fertile” phase.

Sexual desire peaks for many women at mid-cycle as the body secretes pheromones that increase our sexual attractiveness to others. Ovulation is when mental stimulation and creativity is at its peak.

The time from ovulation to menstruation (the luteal phase) tends to be more of a reflective time. This time correlates with the dark cycle of the moon.

During the luteal phase you may notice the desire to retreat from outward activity to more reflection, turning inwards, preparing to symbolically give birth to something that comes from deep within ourselves.

This “lunar” information is intuitive and reflective. The luteal phase (or dark side of the moon) is most in tune with inner knowing and with what isn’t working in our lives.

According to Dr. Northrup, these premenstrual “messages” should be paid attention to as they are connected to an unconscious part of ourselves – a deep inner knowing that comes under the cover of darkness. These messages can come in our dreams, our emotions, our hunger.

Experiments show that the right hemisphere of the brain – the part associated with intuitive knowing – becomes more active in premenstrual times. This is a time to recognize and transform the more difficult and painful areas of our lives.

We are more apt to cry premenstrually, but these tears are likely related to something that holds meaning for us. These messages should be paid attention to, as our inner wisdom asks for attention. This increased sensitivity is a gift of insight into our deepest truths.

Menstruation can be linked to the dark side of the moon (the new moon). This is a time to slow down, rest and reflect.

On the Positive Side?

Last week I went through a seemingly “dark” period. My emotions were whacky and I found myself crying at things on a whim. My perception of things was unusually dark, and while I pulled out all my de-stressing strategies, nothing lifted my mood.

In reflection, I noticed that this period of time was the dark part of the moon cycle.

I’ve been making note of the stages of my menstrual cycle and the stages of the moon and am finding this connection quite intriguing.

When we note the ebb and flow of our menstrual cycle with the relationship of the moon’s cycle, then we in essence become connected with the earth and women from the past and present. This cycle is a source of insight and renewal, when we learn how to tap into it.

Check out the cycle of the moon and where you are at in your menstrual cycle. Do you follow the old age pattern of ovulation at the full moon and menstruation at the new moon? Do you notice a correlation with the dark and light sides of this cycle? Do you notice an ebb and flow of your emotional state in the two halves of your menstrual cycle? I’d love to hear from you….

Much Love,


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