Wellness Overwhelm

When I first dove into the wellness world in search of a way to naturally treat endometriosis, I felt pretty overwhelmed with all the information out there. There were a lot of different suggestions on what to try – supplements, diet plans, lifestyle changes, etc.

It was hard to know where to start and often times that overwhelm led to paralysis instead.

I was desperate for relief so I was ready to try everything! Before I knew it I was drowning in supplements and pretty sure that I couldn’t eat, well, pretty much anything…. Ha.

Many a time along this journey I just wanted to throw my hands in the air. I wasn’t sure what was working and I stressed myself out about it all.

28 Day Commitment

Back in my phone selling days I had a saying in my cubicle plastered where I would read it everyday – 21 days makes a habit.

Writing about this made me search out that old image….


Of late, I’ve taken this saying as a guide into implementing changes into my life in a smaller, more manageable way. Each cycle I’d pick one thing to implement for the next 21 days, and to really make it a habit I’d shoot for 28 days. I coincided these changes with my menstrual cycle.

28 days wasn’t too bad to commit to trying something new and the end of each menstrual cycle (or start of the new) was a great measurement of the impacts of the new habit on my health and well being. 

For example, I decided to completely cut out alcohol for 28 days (a habit that was becoming way too frequent). So for 28 days I didn’t drink…. minus one “cheat” day 🙂

I’ve also made it a point for 28 days to eat only three meals a day – no snacking. I’ve tried new supplements for 28 days. I made it to bed before 11 PM for 28 days. You get the idea?

On the Positive Side?

This 28 day goal allotted time to see if these changes made a difference and sticking to it for that long helped turn the change into a habit.

I found this technique to be a great way to implement change without being overwhelmed, and by sticking with one thing it was easier to tell the impacts of that choice.

So I ask you…. What change do you want to make in your next cycle? What would be a step towards improving your health and well being?

Please share in the comments below.

Much Love,


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