A New Story of Hope

Last year around this time I was unpacking boxes after our move into our first home. In one of those boxes I came across an old pink-covered notebook. Inside were journal entries from very dark moments.

Rather than re-visit these written memories, etched between the blue lines, I ripped out the pages and sent them through the shredder.

Within that revived notebook I began to write a new story. One that covered the lessons that I learned on my journey to healing endometriosis.

While this new story was ultimately one of hope, it held its own darkness too, as I re-visited both physical and emotional pain points in my life.

I think this process of evaluation of my life was necessary, as I’ve learned that in order to overcome suffering the origin of it must be acknowledged.

From Pain to Peace With Endo

About a year later now, I compiled the writings from that pink covered notebook into a book that I’ve entitled:

From Pain to Peace With Endo: 
Lessons Learned on the Road to Healing Endometriosis 


I am pushing for release by the first week of November 2014!

The book incorporates much of the research that I’ve included in this blog over the past two years in a collective book format.

It encompasses healing from a physical, mental and spiritual space. As I’ve come to understand that in order to tame the beast named endometriosis – whole healing is necessary.

On the Positive Side?

I am super excited about this project as I know that the lessons that I’ve learned on my journey to healing endometriosis can help other women who are struggling.

And… I’ve found it incredibly healing to speak out about my struggles with endo. I am normally the “quiet girl” – an introvert by nature. My voice comes through my written words.

The book includes my very personal story that I feel moved to share with you in a reciprocal exchange of healing energy 🙂 

It has been a dream of mine to write (and publish) a book, and I will be overcoming a fear by putting it out there! I am announcing my upcoming book release now to keep myself accountable (publicly) for a timely release.

Much Love,


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