I have to move quickly.

The past couple of weeks have been kind of a whirlwind. I spent all of my “free” time putting finishing touches on my book!

I have set a tight deadline for myself, since I’ve committed to being present at a pretty awesome book launch event in New York City in November.

This launch brings with it an opportunity to present my new book at the IIN conference in front of over 10,000 fellow health coaches!

This means that I have to move quickly. 

Problem is… the remaining pieces of the self-publication process are out of my hands. I am relying now on a team of designers, editors and a publication company to bring my words to life and out to the world… on time.

I admit, this has caused some stress. Well, yes A LOT of stress 🙂

Planting seeds.

In the meantime I’ve had another project in the works: my backyard. When my husband and I moved in last year it was the peak of summer and it was hot. Unfortunately the house did not come equipped with a sprinkler system.

Long story short, between lack of water and two crazy boxer pups who loved to run around, the grass died and the yard quickly became a mud pit after rain or snow. That mud pit was easily transferred inside with the dogs.

I decided this year that I didn’t want to go through another winter having to manually clean off my dog’s feet before they came inside. I wanted grass. Thick grass. 

So I picked up a bunch of grass seed and spread it all through the yard. I watered it twice a day, which was tricky without a sprinkler system. I dragged the hose with sprinkler attached across our big yard, timed it, moved it….

Each day I woke up and was quick to look out the window expecting to see grass. After a week and a half passed with nothing, I started to lose hope. 

These things take time.

So what’s the point of these stories? It helped me connect with an important virtue: patience.

In a quick look around this world it seems like everything has sped up. We want things done now. Especially when there is a sense of urgency.

I want my book back now. I want my grass grown now.

Or on a larger scale…. I want the pain to stop now. I want to be healed now

The thing is…. these things take time. Patience. 

In reality, I didn’t want to rush my editor. I want my book to be error free.

In reality, it takes time to grow thick grass. It’s not going to be the think grass I envision over night, or even over a course of a couple of weeks.

In reality, it takes time for our bodies to heal. This doesn’t happen overnight.

So I shifted my attention to what was going to happen. I set an intention in my mind of what was to come. I imagined a lawn full of thick grass and a book in hand, on time for the launch date.

And then I released this request to the universe….I was forced me to release that which is out of my control. 

On the Positive Side?

Fittingly, once again nature ended up being my greatest teacher about this grand virtue: patience.

One morning as I dragged the hose across the lawn and set up my first sprinkler spot, I noticed some small green coming up from the ground. Soon as I was ready to give up, I spotted the small start to new grass! And today it’s spreading on its way to my vision.

All it took was a little water, sun, some loving care…. and patience 🙂

After stressing most of the weekend away over not having my book back, I got to read it all edited and laid out this morning. I am gleaming.

Things always works out. No need to stress in the meantime. 

Patience, Patience my dears. And don’t give up hope.

Much Love,


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