Release of Words…

The past couple of weeks have been… emotional… to say the least. This stemmed from the final editing and review of my book. A big part of this emotional stir came from the realization that I was actually going to release this to the world. 

My inner critic started to scream at me. And I reached a point where I had serious doubts about putting it out there. Perhaps instead I’d just have my words bound into my own personal book for my shelf 🙂

I expressed my discontentment with my husband and he helped get me back on track by reminding me of why I started the book in the first place…

I wanted to provide a sense of hope to other women with endometriosis amidst the darkness this condition can bring. I remember just how distraught I was when I was first diagnosed. It was overwhelming. I was miserable and in a very dark place.

Within the pages of my book, From Pain to Peace With Endo, came an outpour of my story and the times where the pain originated. These are subjects that I’ve not shared with many. Instead they’ve remained inside of me… waiting to be released.

I think there are things inside that we don’t talk about. Perhaps instances from the past that’s been stuck. But when they are released great healing can happen. I found this to be the case with my writing.

I think a big part of my fears came from the fact that I truly was releasing this into the universe. An exchange of energy in my words to readers across the world. How will they be received?

On the Positive Side?

Today I ask that question of you dear reader. For today I swallow my fears and release my book to the world….

The paperback version of From Pain to Peace With Endo: Lessons Learned on the Road to Healing Endometriosis is up on Amazon! You can get your copy here.

For those of you outside of Amazon’s shipping areas, the book is in the process of being converted to an e-Book to be released very soon to major distributors across the world.

I hope that my words are received with the same positive light that they were written. There is hope for healing. And peace with endo 🙂

I’d love to hear what you think about the book….

Much LOVE!


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