Creating an Empowering Vision Board

Happy New Year! I spent a good amount of time this holiday putting together my first vision board. I was inspired to do so after coming across an awesome article called “How to Create an Empowering Vision Board” by Jack Canfield. 

This powerful tool serves as your image of the future – a tangible representation of where you are going. It represents your dreams, your goals and your ideal life. – Jack Canfield

Wow. Where to begin with that right?

Jack suggests finding pictures that represent or symbolize experiences, feelings and possessions that you want to attract into your life. He suggests including a picture of yourself taken in a happy moment.

Keep it clean and not too cluttered. Only include images or words that are in line with your focus, your vision of a beautiful life. What does it look like? What goals do you want to achieve?

So I did just that and had a little fun in Photoshop. Check out what I came up with…

Within each block of the board I set intentions for the coming year so that I am actively working towards the vision that I crafted here. After all,>the goal of the vision board is to generate subconscious and outward energy so that these visions manifest into reality

There is something powerful about releasing this energy into the world. Writing out your goals and intentions makes it more likely to manifest. Have you noticed that? A key part, however is believing it to be true and taking action of course 🙂

I’ve included a breakdown below of my board and related intentions. I’m releasing this energy out there…. take note universe 🙂

Building a Family.

The top left corner of my board is an image of pregnancy with a heart for an everlasting love for the newest member of our family. I have not given up on housing the start to a miracle life.

I have hopes that including the image will plant a sub-conscious seed for the law of attraction to make its way into my uterus 🙂

In the mean time, I will continue to work to create a healthy body to house the critical start to new life. I have set an intention this year to not stress about what may or may not be with pregnancy, but to believe that this gift will come when the time is right.

Writing will always be.

The top of my board symbolizes writing. This is something that will continue to have a place in my life. I love to write to you here and was so proud to release my first book this past year.

My passion is health and wellness and I intend to continue to study and learn more about the magical human body and how it can overcome an imbalance like endometriosis.

I am very intrigued at the moment with the genetic side of things. An underlying struggle with endo is that no one knows what causes it. As I dig deeper into the breakdowns in my body’s personal genetic makeup, I am finding more and more issues in my body that relate to endometriosis. These include breakdowns in the metabolism of estrogens and other toxins.

I feel like I am finding a blueprint of why I have this condition in my body, which also gives me hope for correcting some of these issues. The field of Epigenetics is evolving and looks to be the future of personalized health care.

My research this year will be focused in this area and I see this as a topic for my next book. I plan to share much of this research as posts here so stay tuned!

In addition to health and wellness I love to fall into a good piece of fiction. I am writing a second draft of a super natural love story right now and have set an intention to publish it this year. I foresee my journey into fiction evolving into another blog. Yay 🙂

Time to Speak Up!

To the right of my board is a microphone and the words “Speak Up”. After publishing From Pain to Peace With Endo, I realized how powerful it was to share my story. I feel blessed that we live in a time where I can transmit my words to help other women with endometriosis across the world.

I included the microphone to manifest energy for me to use my voice to spread a message of hope in healing endometriosis. I foresee big things in the future with Peace With Endo 🙂

I am setting an intention for 2015 to attend the word wide endo march on March 28th in Washington DC I want to be a part of building awareness for this condition that so many people know nothing about. I want to walk with my fellow endo sisters 🙂

Are you going to be there?

The Law of True Potentiality.

The bottom half of my board was inspired by a book that I am currently reading (and loving!) by Deepak Chopra called The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success: A Practical Guide to Fulfillment of Your Dreams.

The first law of spiritual success is The Law of True Potentiality. This encompasses the awareness of our true self, a place where magic happens.

Pure potentiality is conditioned through meditation and spending time in nature. This stillness and earthly connection is a direct connection to our true source. The images on the bottom of my board remind me of times spent out in the beauty of Colorado.

I set the intention for 2015 to meditate everyday. I will add time to each session until I reach the Deepak’s suggestion of one hour a day.  I am also setting an intention to get out into nature as much as possible! 

Of Joy and Music

I included an outline of the lotus flower at the bottom. I love the symbolism behind the lotus flower. It reminds me that life is going to get messy, but through it all comes beauty and grace.

As the saying goes: no mud, no lotus.

The corner right of my board is a snap shot of my glittery electric guitar. This is a visual reminder that I want to manifest music into my life and I want to get better at guitar in 2015.

I am setting an intention for 2015 to practice guitar at least a half an hour everyday. I want to be able to play three full songs by the end of the year. 

Maybe I’ll post a YouTube video once this manifests! Lol.

On the Positive Side?

I celebrated my 33rd birthday a couple of weeks ago. As I continue to grow older, I realize more and more the power of setting intentions, of putting the energy out there that you want to achieve something.

I looked back at the post that I wrote at the start of 2014 and saw that I met nearly all of the intentions that I set, even though at the time I did not see how they were going to manifest. 

I’ve also discovered the power of visualization and thought that it was fun to put together a vision board. As suggested by Jack, I printed out my board and placed it right next to my bed so that each day when I wake and each day before I go to sleep my mind and subconscious will be filled with these images of my beautiful life 🙂

I encourage you to make your own board. If you don’t have Photoshop then why not go the old fashioned way of a poster board, scissors and glue or invest in a smaller bulletin board and start pinning pictures and words (like a real-life Pinterest!)

Do you have a vision board? I’d love to see it! Please share: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus

Have you seen the power of setting intentions and/or the power of visualization? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below….

Much Love,


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