It has been about seven weeks since I started on a series of chiropractic adjustments. Initially I wanted to address the lingering pain I was experiencing in my lower back and neck.

While this has helped my back and neck, I’ve benefited even more so in regards to my menstrual cycle. As I mentioned in a previous post, I discovered the connection between the nerves in your lower back and your reproductive organs.

I wanted to follow up on my progress since overall I have experienced quite a bit of positive results.

Normalized Menstrual Cycle

The biggest change that I’ve noticed is with the normalization of my menstrual cycle. I’m able to tell this since I’ve been charting my menstrual cycle for a few years now.

(Learn how to chart yours too here).

Things have been wonky since I miscarried about a year and a half ago. My charts have not shown a clear ovulation and my temperatures in my luteal phase have been all over the place.

Since I started charting my luteal phase has been notoriously short – on average only 10-11 days.

Chiropractic care has changed all of this! I’ve made it through two cycles and my charts are much improved…

  • I’ve had clear ovulations.
  • My temperatures in my luteal phase have remained above the cover line.
  • My luteal phase has extended to 13 days!

I’ve read stories of women who have had their missing periods reappear after doing chiropractic and ladies who’ve struggle to get pregnant who are finally able to.

On the Positive Side?

My last period was very mild and the flow was normal. This month I’ve had little PMS symptoms and very limited cramping.

I’m away from home at the moment in preparation for the worldwide EndoMarch festivities this weekend and am dealing with flow’s arrival. I’m happy to report that my symptoms again, are mild, which is a great relief 🙂

I’m owing all of this up to the chiropractic care that I’ve had done. Who knew?

Have you had similar results? Would love to hear from you…

Much Love,

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