My Endo-versary was this past Sunday, April 26th. It’s been four years now since my official endometriosis diagnosis and boy how my life has changed since then.

Fittingly, I’m reading a fabulous book right now called Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton. The message I’ve taken away thus far is this: our cells are manipulated by their environment.

He goes into great detail about the importance of your cell’s membrane, which after closer examination serves as the “brain” of your cells. This membrane filters in nutrients and out toxins and is very much influenced by it’s physical and energetic environment.

Dr. Lipton heavily conveys the fact that we have the power to change the environment of our cells. Our genes are not our destiny.

That endometriosis diagnosis and related life of pain… is not our destiny.

In review of the past four years, I’ve dramatically improved the environment of my cells, and as a result I’m feeling so much better. In celebration of my Endo-versary I thought I’d review some of these key changes today.

#1.) Diet

My focus has shifted to filling my body with nutritious foods. Give me vegetables! I need greens. There’s no way I would have thought that way four years ago. The introduction of a nutritious diet has made a world of difference.

After all, the foods that we eat become our blood, our cells, our tissue, our organs… you truly “are what you eat”.

In addition to adding in nutritious factors, I’ve also eliminated two major food sensitivities: gluten and dairy. This has allowed my cells to have a much needed break from constant struggle and inflammation.

#2) Natural Products

Speaking of sensitivities, I also changed everything that comes in contact with my delicate skin, which absorbs everything! These factors definitely play a role in the health of our cells.

I updated my hair products, lotion, deodorant, soaps, make-up, household cleaners, etc. to those with natural ingredients – organic, if possible.

This gave my cells more breathing space without constant chemical warfare 🙂

#3) Eliminate Major Stressors

When I first got diagnosed with endometriosis four years ago, I was living in a very toxic environment – physically and emotionally.

The condo that I owned and lived in for over five years was off a major highway and across the street from a landfill. It was years before I realized that the big blue flame I always drove by was a methane detector! Yikes.

These physical toxicities in my living environment were topped off with a nasty, aggressive neighbor that lived below my husband and I. On more then one occasion he threatened to murder us. Yeah… we knew the cops pretty well.

About two years ago we moved away from the toxicities of that condo into our own home among trees and away from hostile neighbors. This was huge for my healing.

Another stress was the corporate work environment I spent much of my life at. About a year and a half ago I changed jobs and am now happily working from home and get to be creative everyday. Big, positive change 🙂

#4) Creative Outlet

Speaking of creativity, I think it’s important to find a creative way to express yourself, especially if you deal with pain. Sometimes it’s hard to express otherwise.

My outlet is writing. My husband’s is music. Perhaps you like to sing, paint, cook, crochet, or build a puzzle. All the rage right now: coloring books for adults! This is the number one selling book on Amazon  🙂

Finding something to create feeds our natural womanly instincts and helps get your mind off of the pain and into the present moment.

#5) Spiritual Growth

This has been a big one for me. The pain related to endometriosis forced me to seek out higher solace. A big shift happened when I finally recognized the power of my spirit – of that connection to my higher self which connects to a greater source of love that connects everything.

The acknowledgement of the separation from my physical shell helped me deal with the notion of a life with chronic pain. The pain part was not “me”.

This notion helped me find a bigger purpose and has lead me down a path towards true peace….

On the Positive Side?

I’m here today with a strong message – it’s possible to feel better with endometriosis. It is possible because we have the power to change the environment of our cells and essentially change who we are and what we are made of.

Toxicity leads to deterioration. Nourishment leads to healing.

I feel like I’ve made it to the other side. Four years of regeneration. I’m definitely not the woman I was four years ago. This change has been dramatic – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

You can get here too.

What has helped you on your journey to healing? Would love to hear from you….

Much Love,

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