I first listened to Dr. Bernie Siegel speak during my studies at IIN. I was drawn to his energy and overall message of healing with love and pictures 🙂

So I sought out one of his books: Love, Medicine and Miracles: Lessons Learned about Self-Healing from a Surgeon’s Experience with Exceptional Patients.

Within the book, he shares his experiences working with cancer patients and brings focus on his exceptional patients – those that overcame the odds and healed themselves.

There is an underlying connection among all of these exceptional people, a key factor to initiating this incredible self-healing… hope.

In the face of uncertainty there is nothing wrong with hope… Even if what you most hope for—a complete cure—doesn’t come to pass, the hope itself can sustain you to accomplish many things in the meantime.
– Dr. Bernie Siegel

Dr. Siegel goes into detail about how the immune system is negatively impacted when feelings of helplessness are present. In fact, helplessness is worse then the stress itself.

With hope, the opposite is true.When we are hopeful, we see a desired outcome as possible and then work for it.

Exceptional Hope.

When we are hopeful then we look for suggested ways to heal. We are willing to try new things. As Dr. Siegel writes, “People heal doing something they believe in, something that gives them hope.”

This is different from wishing for something. As Dr. Siegel puts it, “Wishing means just standing there, waiting for a miracle to happen out of the blue.”

I’ve tried a lot of things on my journey to naturally healing endometriosis, and I think there is always something more to try – and believe in. That’s a key part.

We cannot give up hope.

According to Dr. Siegel, hopeful, exceptional patients refuse to play the victim. They educate themselves and become specialists in their own care.

They question their doctors. They want to understand the details of their lab reports. These patients may be considered difficult or uncooperative by some, but per Dr. Siegel, they are more likely to get well.

What is Healing?

One of my big take aways from the book was Dr. Siegel’s suggestion to redefine our goals: What is healing? Cure of an illness or having peace of mind and living life to the fullest?

When you learn how to feel good about your life, love yourself and others then you achieve peace of mind and necessary changes will occur to stimulate self-healing.

To change the mind one must first speak to the heart… and listen.
Beliefs are a matter of faith, not logic.
– Dr. Bernie Siegel

According to Dr. Siegel, exceptional patients take the time to be still and listen to the intuitive voice inside that serves as a guide down the path to self-healing; with recognition that pain and problems are opportunities for growth and redirection.

When you resolve inner conflicts, realize your authentic self, develop spiritual awareness and love then you release incredible energy that promotes the biochemistry of healing.

Express Yourself.

When negative emotions rise up then it is important for us to deal with them. When we swallow down anger or despair then we cause stress on our bodies and encourage new, unwanted growth.

Unexpressed feelings depress your immune system. Emotional growth toward greater self-acceptance and fulfillment helps keep your immune system strong.

One way that Dr. Siegel gets his patients to express themselves is by drawing pictures.

When we communicate in visual images, we tell the truth, because we can’t manipulate the language as well.
– Dr. Bernie Siegel

I express myself through writing – journaling, poetry, or simple free flowing writing where the truth comes out. Also, I think there is something very cleansing about a good cry. That in itself is a release.

With endometriosis, I attribute much of my healing from support I’ve gained from other ladies with endometriosis. It is nice to have others to get support, advice, or simply to vent to. I started a private Facebook group if you’re looking for that space 🙂

Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to find an emotional outlet. Don’t keep it in!

On the Positive Side?

According to Dr. Siegel the following traits appear in those who achieve unexpected healing of a serious illness: acceptance, faith, forgiveness, peace and love. All traits that define spirituality.

These are all obtainable actions.

Even when we don’t feel like it, we can choose love for ourselves. This is when we need it the most. We must learn to forgive ourselves and our bodies. We may not be able to change our shortcomings but we can learn to accept ourselves whole, despite of them.

If a person can turn from predicting illness to anticipating recovery, the foundation for cure is laid.
– Dr. Bernie Siegel

With hope comes anticipation for recovery. With hope comes appreciation and gratitude for the moments in between the pain, for the present moment and all of its glory. With hope there is always the potential to feel better.

Is it within you? Guiding your way? I hope 🙂

Much Love,


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