Today is the equinox: the second time this year where there is an equal amount of day and night, light and dark.

What a perfect day of balance 🙂

The equinox brings with it a change in season. In the northern hemisphere this means fall.

I’ve already seen signs of transformation in our neighborhood where the leaves are changing color and there is a new chill in air.

These subtle signs in nature are a reminder that change is on its way and I think that our bodies naturally shift with this as well.

Eating with the Seasons

As I’ve traveled down my journey of healing and figuring out what diet works for me, one thing I’ve naturally been drawn to is eating with the seasons.

I tried to make a salad today with very spring-like ingredients: baby kale, cucumbers, and green onions and my body was like, no way.

It made me so cold.

The change to cooler weather means my body is naturally craving warmer foods.

There’s the balance part again 🙂

For me, this equates to more cooked foods: soups, casseroles, sweet potatoes, squash and of course pumpkin (’tis the season).

More Dark. More Sleep.

As we pass the equinox in the northern hemisphere, each day we get further and further away from the sun. This means less light, more darkness.

As the darkness increases, your body’s natural inclination is to want more sleep. Once winter hits I am in full hibernation mode 🙂

I know that the whole sleep thing is easier said then done, especially if you have endometriosis or any other type of chronic pain.

I’ve struggled many nights with insomnia.

Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever.

But the thing is, sleep is super important for healing. Especially deep sleep.

During deep sleep your body releases human growth hormones, which promote cell repair. This is a big deal if you’re dealing with a chronic condition.

With the fall season underway, sleep is on my radar. Is it on yours too? Are you looking for ways to help fall asleep and stay asleep?

On the Positive Side?

To help us all sleep a little better I’ve put together 21 Natural Sleep Remedies that I’d like to share with you.

This is a bit long for a blog post so instead I’m hosting a live webinar on: 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 6:30 MST 


Register here & learn 21 Natural Sleep Remedies.

No worries if you’re unable to attend live. Sign up anyways and I’ll send you a link to the recording.

I appreciate the change in season. It’s been a hot, dry summer. I’m ready for the cool off.

What about you? Are you ready for fall? Or spring if you live in the southern hemisphere?

How are you going to spend this special day of balance? Regardless, hopefully it ends with a nice restful sleep.

Much Love,



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