Sleep is super important for healing endometriosis, especially deep sleep.

Do you struggle with this?

In the presentation below I look deeper into your natural circadian rhythms and sleep related hormone such as cortisol & melatonin.

Then I share 21 natural sleep remedies to help you re-balance these rhythms to help you fall and stay asleep. I hope you find some tips to help.

21 Day Sleep Challenge

Is this presentation going to change your sleeping habits? Are you going to remember all that I shared, take it and implement it into your life?


Or you may be feeling overwhelmed. 21 changes is a lot, right?

What if you broke the changes down into daily goals and built upon them? When we take smaller steps then it’s easier to create more sustainable change.

I’ve done just that with the introduction of the free 21 day sleep challenge.

I do better with focus and challenges like this. Are you the same way?

Find out more and sign up for the 21 day sleep challenge here.

On the Positive Side?

Since implementing the suggested steps over the last few weeks, my sleep has improved significantly. I’ve been feeling more rested, more balanced and more energetic.

I want the same for you!

I hope that you sign up for the challenge and make it a point to improve your daily habits to improve your sleep. This is the pathway to finding true healing.

Much Love,

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