In case you missed it somehow, October is breast cancer awareness month.

I think this topic is worth mentioning, considering it shares similarities with endometriosis, in that both are fueled by excess estrogen in your body.

This means that if you have endometriosis, you are already at a higher risk for breast cancer.

So, in line with this month of pink, let’s shift focus to prevention… my favorite topic 🙂

axillary lymph nodes and breast cancer
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Lymph Nodes & Your Breasts

This starts with your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system runs throughout your body like a secondary circulatory system. It’s responsible for removing toxins from your body.

This system is made up of lymph nodes, distributed at different locations in your body.

There are an extensive network of lymphatic vessels in your breast tissue. These are important as they filter out harmful substances from your breasts.

The lymph nodes in your armpits, the axillary lymph nodes, are the first place breast cancer is likely to spread.

These lymphatic connections in your armpits are a major, important space that drains lymph vessels from your breast, chest and abdomen (above your navel) and from your upper legs.

Makes sense not to block this area up, right?

Just Say “No” to Antiperspirants

So let’s talk sweating, deodorants and antiperspirants.

Sweating is natural and it happens more so in your armpits. It’s a way for your body to cool off. It’s also a way for your body to release toxins.

Sweat on its own doesn’t smell. The scent comes from bacteria on your skin.

(I notice that I stink more when I eat food that doesn’t positively serve my body.)

Because sweat can smell, and be embarrassing if it’s excessive (another sign that things are off) then we’re offered antiperspirants that are designed to make us stop sweating.

As with most things earlier in my life, I didn’t think twice about slapping on antiperspirants.

What I wasn’t paying attention to was the fact that I was putting chemicals right into his major lymphatic area. Kind of like dumping toxins into a filtration system. Eventually it’s going to get clogged and not work as well.

Additionally, when the sweat from this area was blocked from releasing, those toxins weren’t able to release, so they circulated back into my body.

Remember this area is responsible for clearing out toxins from your breasts.

Natural Deodorants Instead

Instead of antiperspirants, it’s better to use a natural deodorant. Deodorants are designed to kill the smell by addressing the bacteria.

This doesn’t mean that all deodorants are harmless, however. Pay attention to the ingredients.

Many deodorants contain parabens, which are chemical mimickers of estrogen. That’s definitely not something we should be putting into this important lymphatic area!

I’ve reached a point where I only use things on my skin that have ingredients that I recognize. Lately I’ve opted for straight organic coconut oil under my armpits with a splash of lemongrass. All of which are natural anti-bacterial agents.

Kris Carr did an excellent review of natural deodorants. Check out her post for more.

Take Off Your Bra!

Another topic in relation to all of this is that darn restrictive under wire bra. How uncomfortable, right?

Turns out this bra under wire and the natural constriction this causes stops up your lymphatic vessels in and around your breasts.

So… Take off your bra!

Now… Don’t you feel better? Lol 🙂

I am blessed to be able to work from home so I don’t have to wear that horrible contraction most of the time. Ha. Does that officially make me a hippie?

If you have to wear a bra and are blessed with breasts that can make it in a wireless bra, then this is the next best choice.

On the Positive Side?

So there’s some quick tips to help keep your breasts healthy and cancer free.

There are many ways to keep your lymphatic system moving. A great way is to do periodic lymphatic drainage massage. When I had this done the practitioner spend a good deal of time in my arm pits 🙂

Incorporate these suggestions everyday and keep your lymph moving and you’ll be well on your way. Not only will this help prevent breast cancer, it will also aid in healing endometriosis and cysts on your ovaries.

Have you or someone you love been impacted by breast cancer? Have you learned of other prevention methods or words of wisdom to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Much Love,


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