Is Your Mattress Causing You Pain?

At the beginning of this year I was really struggling with pain in my lower back, hips and neck. It started to interfere with my life and made the long hours on my computer torturous.

I went in for a massage in hopes that it would help with some of this nagging pain. The therapist suggested that I see the chiropractor.

Which I did. I started going for regular adjustments and invested in a package in hopes of getting my back and neck back in alignment.

But each day I continued to wake up in horrible pain and I was exhausted.

I recognized that my mattress was having a big impact on this. We had been sleeping on the same mattress for six or seven years. While it was a pillow top intended to help with sleep, it was doing anything but that.

I invested in chiropractic to align my spine, then went home to sleep on an old, sagging mattress that was hurting more then it was helping.

I woke up with pain in the morning that was worse then what it was before going to bed. My bed used to be my favorite space, but this was becoming a distant reality.

What are you sleeping on? And when was the last time that you changed out your mattress?

We spend at least a third of our lives in bed. Taking this into perspective, I realized that it was time to invest in a new mattress.

Is Your Mattress Making Your Sick?

So, I started to do some research on which mattress to buy. Come to find out that a lot of mattresses out there are super toxic.

This is because many conventional mattresses are made with chemicals that seep up as gasses and are absorbed into our bodies when we sleep.

Most conventional mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, (a petroleum-based product), formaldehyde, and cotton pesticides.

Some of the memory foam mattresses were found to emit 61 chemicals, including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene.

Last July, the Consumer Product Safety Commission declared that all mattresses sold in the United States be able to withstand 30 minutes of exposure to an open flame.

This means that conventional mattresses contain flame-retardant chemicals too.

The chemicals in many of these conventional mattresses are toxic for your liver, thyroid and nervous system.

This is not a good thing if you want to heal from a chronic condition like endometriosis. Sleep is a time when your body should be renewing itself, it does not need more toxins to deal with.

A Non-Toxic & Healing Mattress

This was when I came across a company called intelliBED. I was drawn to their mattresses since they are made of safe, non-toxic materials.

The intelliBED mattress is made up of a unique intelliGEL® technology that decompresses and relieves pressure on your spine.

It anchors your body into this gel that gently holds your body in place. This keeps your hips and shoulders level and prevents back pain.

The design of the mattress reduces pressure points so it eliminates tossing and turning and optimizes deep, healing sleep.

Deep, healing sleep is so critical for those of us dealing with chronic pain, and the mattress you sleep on plays a pivotal role in this. Your body repairs itself during stages three and four deep sleep.

If you are sleeping on a mattress that does not provide the proper pressure relief you need then you will not achieve this level of healing sleep.

I’ve been sleeping on my intelliBED mattress for about six months now and it has truly changed my life. I feel more rested and wake up with less pain in my lower back, neck and hips.

On the Positive Side?

My bed has become one of my favorite places again 🙂

intelliBED mattresses are an investment, but considering we spend about a third of our lives in bed, over the long run, it’s totally worth it.

It made me realize just how much my mattress impacted how I felt.

I talked with a representative over at intelliBED and was able to secure
some extra goods for the Peace With Endo tribe.

To take advantage of this simply use promo code peacewithendo at checkout.

Find out more here.

Have you switched your mattress to one that is non-toxic? Have you tried the intelliBED? I’d love to hear from you.

Much Love,



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