I went in for a much needed massage this past weekend. The therapist kept finding all the tender parts in my body. One of which was on my right foot.

As she drew pressure from my big toe down the ball of my foot, I flinched.

It was a sharp pain and easily irritated by her firm touch. I held my breath as she crossed this muscle several more times. Eek.

What was that all about?  I wondered.

My mind carried through this question as I laid there face down on the table, formulating this blog post, Lol 🙂

What My Feet Told Me

See, your feet are connected to your other organs and glands. This is what the whole practice of reflexology plays into. It puts the connection of your feet to each part of your body.

I’ve had a couple of reflexology sessions done and found them to be extremely relaxing.

One therapist asked me about my sugar consumption, which at the time, was an issue. How could she tell that from my feet?

I wasn’t as in tune with my body then as I am now. I was just at the spa to relax. I didn’t realize then how healing those sessions could be.

Regardless, those reflexology experiences stuck with me and after feeling that winching pain in my foot I went home to check a reflexology chart to see if there was any connection between that pain and another part of my body.

What followed was an eye opening moment. The chart pointed the pain in my foot to my thyroid.

Your Thyroid Levels are “Fine”.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s several years ago after a blood test showed high thyroid antibodies. An ultrasound revealed a nodule on the right side of my thyroid.

Otherwise, my thyroid levels were fine, so I wasn’t prescribed any medication.

I was just told to wait and come back for further tests. Essentially I was told to do nothing and allow my body to keep attacking my thyroid until I needed the medication.

The health of my thyroid has been lingering in the back of my mind for months. The last test I had was over a year ago and showed quite elevated thyroid antibodies, but still my other levels came back “fine”.

What I’ve learned about thyroid health is that what’s considered “fine” in medical terms could not be the case for your individual body.

I can tell that things are off. But, I’ve delayed doing anything about it.

It just circles in the back of my brain. I should get in to check my levels. Maybe adding in a little thyroid medication would help.

The Role of Resistance

The topic of resistance has come up in my life recently, further discussed in the 21-day meditation experience I’ve been listening to from Deepak Chopra and Oprah.

As I wrote this post, I realized that I am resistant to the issues with my thyroid. It means seeing a new doctor in a system that limits treatment outside a prescription pad.

With this comes a known disappointment with traditional medicine to help with a complicated autoimmune condition like Hashimoto’s.

Additionally, I am resistant to taking their drugs. Isn’t there an alternative?

With the answer to that question comes the higher costs of seeing an alternative functional or naturopathic doctor plus all the tests that need to be run.

For the Love of Coffee

On the subject of resistance, I should not ignore the big white (black) elephant in the room: my growing addiction to my daily cup(s) of coffee.

Everywhere I turn I see the same message: If you want to heal your thyroid, cut the coffee.

This also lingers in the back of my mind. I am very resistant to this notion and the killer withdrawal headaches that always come.

Pretty such this has played into my delay in addressing my thyroid and getting to the doctor 🙂

On the Positive Side?

This was all brought to light through the wisdom of my right foot, which was still very sore after my massage.

The pain in my foot was a reminder that my body does not lie.

Did you know that your feet could be the pathway to the health of your organs?

Your body holds the answers to get better. You just have to learn how to decode them.

What’s next? I need to bring focus to healing my thyroid. I need to get in and check my levels and perhaps seek out further help with this.

Maybe it all goes back to my feet? Perhaps I will look into scheduling a straight up reflexology session, rather then a full body massage.

Have you tried reflexology? Do you get it down regularly? What have your feet taught you?
Have you found a way to heal your thyroid? What’s worked?

I’d love to hear from you.

Much Love,


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