Here we are the end of 2015.

As is natural during this time, I’ve been reflecting back over the year.

What happened? What did I accomplish?

Nothing much came to mind, besides completing ten seasons of Supernatural on Netflix and exceeding my Goodread’s reading goal of 52 books, Lol.

But was that really it?

On the Topic of Epigenetics

I started this year with the intention to dig more into my genetics and how I could use the information I gained from genetic testing at 23andMe to improve my health.

My personal genetic makeup triggered many light bulbs to go off about why I am the way I am and why endometriosis has taken its place in my body.

But when it came to making moves to correct these genetic breakdowns, I quickly got overwhelmed. I faced a long list of recommended supplements and confusion over what counteracted with what.

I needed help from someone like a functional doctor, and the cost of that was out of reach.

So… the topic sort of fell out of my focus, as I queued up the next episode of Supernatural. I couldn’t wait to see what Sam and Dean Winchester were up to 🙂

Then the topic of epigenetics  (the study of biological mechanisms that switch your genes on and off) came back into my hands as 2015 neared its close.

I entered a book giveaway on Goodreads for Dr. Deepak Chopra & Dr. Rudolph Tanzi’s new book, Super Genes.

I didn’t think that I had a chance at winning. There were already 9,000 entries when I added mine, but I got an email a few days later that declared me a winner!

I was ecstatic. I’m a huge fan of Deepak and the intriguing topic of epigenetics.

The universe brought the two together for me 🙂

Every Cell is Prepared for Transformation

Super Genes reviews new studies in the emerging field of epigenetics with the conclusion that we have the power to create our own internal evolution with the help of lifestyle changes.

Our choices can manipulate our genetic makeup. It’s not set in stone.

What makes the new genetics astonishing is that it has caused us to realize something that’s easy to forget. Nothing is more remarkable than the human body. It changes dynamically with every experience, responding with perfect precision to life’s challenges—only we let it. Beyond normal health and vitality, your body is the platform for radical well-being. Every cell is prepared for transformation….

~ Deepak Chopra & Rudolph Tanzi, Super Genes

Turns out that while I thought I was doing nothing in 2015, in truth, according to the findings in Super Genes, I was doing lots to positively support my genetics. It wasn’t obvious since the changes were small.

When I looked closer, I realized that 2015 was, in fact, a fabulous year!

In Super Genes, Chopra and Tanzi explore six lifestyle components that have proved to support positive epigenetic changes: diet, stress, exercise, meditation, sleep, and emotions.

I’ve reviewed the six suggestions below and how I made little changes this past year to support these components.

#1 Diet

In Super Genes, Chopra and Tanzi dig deeper into the connection between your genes and microbiome in your gut. They call this the “epigenome“.

Eating junk food, chemicals and other inflammatory foods can literally alter your epigenome in a negative way. While filling your body with nutrition and gut supporting foods like prebiotics, alters your epigenome in a positive manner, which in turn, impacts so much.

Read more about the fascinating connections with your microbiome and your genetics here.

In 2015, I continued to follow an anti-inflammatory diet for endometriosis, and this looks to be the right path 🙂

#2 Stress

2015 brought a deeper exploration into the major role of stress and how this impacts your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are a big deal and can throw everything off whack if they are not working properly.

I realized that my adrenals are tired. I was burnt out.  Not too surprising, considering I birthed my first book in 2014.

The major role of stress made my attention shift this year. This was when I stopped blaming myself for taking a seat in front of the TV to see what kind of demon Sam and Dean Winchester were fighting off.

Allow me to share the vital lesson I learned: It’s OK to rest. Please. Don’t wait until your exhausted. Build in rest and relaxation every day.

#3 Exercise

Chopra and Tanzi emphasize the need to get up and move. At least once an hour… dance break!

I have two beautiful boxers that are full of energy. 2015 brought many walks on the trails together. I think there is great healing to be found in the midst of mother nature.

I made sure that I connected with her as much as possible. And my dogs enjoyed it too 🙂

#4 Meditation

I remember reading Deepak’s recommendation to aim for forty minutes of meditation a day. This was about year ago. At the time, 40 minutes sounded outrageous. Where was I going to “fit-in” 40 minutes?

Turns out it wasn’t that hard. I started taking a break mid-morning to meditate and forced myself away from the television before bed to sit in meditation again.

Once I made this a habit, I started to crave this time. If I didn’t get it, I felt much more stressed. The fact that I am meditating consistently 20-40 minutes a day is something I am proud of in 2015 🙂

#5 Sleep

2015 brought focus to sleep. I really started to make changes to my habits to improve my sleep and the time I spent in the healing deep sleep stage.

I invested in an intelliBED and must say that this was one of the best investments I’ve made thus far into my health. It has made such a big difference with my sleep.

Find out more about why the intelliBED is amazing here.

#6 Emotions

In Super Genes the topic of emotions relates to our own pursuit of happiness, but in order to get here we must heal the scars of negative experiences, much of which is ingrained from childhood.

2015 ended with a definite release of emotions and realizations about the layers of trauma present in my reproductive region. The past couple of weeks brought out darkness, in unison with the Earth and the winter solstice, when I too fell into my darkest hour.

I experienced a great amount of physical and emotional pain, but I believe now that I am through it, that it was a cleansing of sorts. I bled it out. Released it. And created a plane for further healing in 2016.

On the Positive Side?

2015 was filled with many small changes. While I brushed aside addressing the overwhelm of my personal genetic breakdowns, little did I know that I was positively supporting my genes with simple lifestyle changes.

This will be a continued focus in 2016 and I plan to share many more of these lessons to help you with this too.

I know that 2016 is going to be a big year. I see it already. The number 16 is a “whole” perfect number and one with a lot of history and connection with my hubby, the love of my life. How could it not be a big year?

What happened in your 2015? Did you induce small changes that have added up? Do you want to make more changes in 2016?

I’d love to hear from you…

And if you need help making changes, I do offer one-on-one health coaching services. Schedule a discovery session with me today.

With Love,


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