Endometriosis. It started with FEAR.

  • There is no cure.
  • It’s only going to get worse.
  • You need to take birth control pills.
  • Or this drug that will put your body into menopause.
  • If you don’t take these drugs then it will spread.
  • It will impact your fertility.
  • You may never have children.


Right from the start of diagnosis, these stressful messages gather in your body and subconsciously shape your beliefs. These fears are amplified when different aches and pains rise up, triggering further fearful thoughts.

Oh no. It’s getting worse. It’s spreading just like they said it would.

Then horrible pain strikes with your period, triggering even more fear.

Fear of pain at inopportune times, ruining plans, spoiling travel, making you have to call into work… again.


This emotion travels through your nervous system, causing stress, in an already stressful environment. Chronic stress wears on your adrenal glands, and when your adrenals wear out every system in your body is impacted.

It’s no wonder we feel so tired.

Witnessing the Pain

I experienced these fearful thoughts last week as new pains showed up in my body, lingering, taunting me.

Is endometriosis spreading in my body? 

The fear took over, displaying itself in a much more dramatic fashion in my mind—as a life filled with never-ending pain. This caused my emotions to bubble over in a breakdown of tears.

In this emotional state, I sought some type of solace. Some way to calm down.

I picked up my new book, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, and went to sit outside while the sun was high in the sky. It was a beautiful, warm winter day.

Singer’s words of wisdom were just what I needed. He helped me witness this situation of pain in a new light… from a space of awareness.

He reminded me how to tap into the magic of pure consciousness.

Within this place of pure presence, I connected to my true self, who served as a witness to the pain and to the thoughts in my head that were only making things worse.

Once my true self acknowledged this new, lingering pain, a feeling of peace fell over me and the stress, worry, anxiety, and pain that were present melted away.

It was acknowledged and let go.

I wish I could describe to you how amazing an experience this was. It felt as if everything changed. I felt so much better.

Healing Energy Within You

If you’ve delved into any alternative, holistic healing methodologies then I’m sure you’ve learned about the energy inside of us. It’s referred to as Chi, Spirit, Shakti or Prana (life force).

Singer writes about the flow of energy within us and how blockages impact this. He brings emphasize to the important energy source: our hearts.

Your heart energy can get blocked up with pain, trauma, FEAR. If too much of this blocked energy builds up then you feel depressed, tired, uninspired, hopeless.

When we release this pain that’s inside, we create space for energy to flow. But in order for us to break down these blockages, the pain must first be acknowledged, felt and released.

This process is not always easy. We’ve been conditioned to numb the pain. To push it away, to bury it deep inside.

When we release the pain that’s in our hearts, we create space for new energy to flow. Without the blockages, energy flows freely. Things work out. Magical things start to happen and foundations are built for a peaceful life.

Have you tapped into this place? Where energy flows and everything works out as it should. You stop worrying and everything falls into place.

It’s magical.

Releasing the Pain Through Creation

So, how do you release the blockages in your heart?

The best way I’ve found to release is through art. When we connect with our creative side then we arrive closer to this beautiful place of consciousness.

Creating art has a way of carrying you away. It provides a positive focus, an outlet for the pain and a way to express yourself. It’s a great way to release.

I’ve discovered the power of creation on my own healing journey, as I released much of the pain and blockages that were in my heart through the process of writing.

That’s happened here in this sacred blog space. Then I took an even bigger step and released my very personal story in my first book. I put it on stage in front of the world to see.

Talk about FEAR. That was one of the scariest moments of my life.

But also extremely healing. Something shifted in a big way the day I released my words to the world. There was a great energy in those words. They contained a piece of my soul.

This experience helped me recognize the power of speaking up. Of digging into the old scars.

And releasing them.

And in the process, hopefully helping others along the way.

So, I ask you…. How do you express yourself creatively? Have you allowed this part of yourself to be buried too? Within the blockages in your heart?

Now’s the time. I challenge you to create something this week.

Love & Healing Within

Today I share with you a message of hope.

This FEAR can be overcome.

There is something greater.


And it’s inside of you. It’s what your true self consists of. Unbreakable true LOVE.

It is from this part of your being where healing can be obtained. This is the part that understands what you need to feel better.

It is the witness to your thoughts. It sees all. It understands you.

In order to tap into this, we have to be present and feel all the emotions that bubble up – good or bad.

Let them flow and let them go.

Awareness does not fight; awareness releases. Awareness is simply aware while everything in the universe parades before it… Once you learn that it’s okay to feel inner disturbances, and that they can no longer disturb your seat of consciousness, you will be free.
~ Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

Freedom was my main word for 2016 in answer to the pivotal question: How do I want to feel?

And here it is, only February, and I’ve found the route to freedom. In the most profound way. Freedom comes from letting go.

I get how endometriosis and FEAR go hand in hand. I get it, because more often than not it feels out of our control. And really it is.

Why spend your time worrying about things that are out of your control? Let it go.

We are berated with the belief that “there is no cure”,  but this does not mean that you cannot heal. The definition of “heal” is to become whole.

How do you do this? You tap into your true self.

Instead of turning to thoughts of fear, Choose LOVE. Step back into the witness part of your being and become aware of what you need.

What changes can I make to help with this? Am I eating nutritious foods? Am I taking time to rest and restore? Am I making sleep a priority? Have I overstepped my requirements for self-care? What do I need?

On the Positive Side?

The Untethered Soul was recommended to me awhile back by a reader of my blog. I picked it up because I was looking for a spiritual book to send to one of my health coaching clients.

Little did I know, that I would have my own profound experiences as I read through it.

Since that day I’ve continued pulling in small bits of The Untethered Soul. Each time I take in Singer’s words, I feel something stir inside.

I think it no accident that I fell upon Singer’s words of wisdom when I did. I thank the lovely reader who shared it with me.

I believe that we are blessed with what we need, when we need them, as long as we remain open to receiving. Synchronicity. In order to allow healing energy to flow through, we must tap into the true outlet for LOVE in our hearts.

Have you read The Untethered Soul? Have you tapped into these spiritual teachings of consciousness and whole healing? How do you express yourself creatively? Did you start a blog too?

I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.



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