March 2016. Endometriosis awareness month.

My husband, Ryan, and I have deep connections with the number 16. It goes back to the day we first came together after the death of someone we both loved. (You can read more of the story in my book).

That day, October 16, 2014, was also the day that Ryan bought his first guitar. Since that day, I’ve been by his side as he’s progressed into an amazing guitarist (and multi-talented musician).

And he’s been by my side through the darkest days of my life. He’s held me in his arms when my body shook with extreme pain.

He was with me when I woke from surgery to an official diagnosis of endometriosis. And in a deeper way on the road of infertility, as we share the painful doubts of having a child of our own.

He’s been with me through the mood swings, the tears and the big changes that came after overhauling my diet and my whole lifestyle.

Endometriosis impacts relationships, for sure. I think it takes a different kind of man to stand by.

Listen to the Story…

A couple of weeks back Ryan was playing his acoustic guitar and he encouraged me to sing along. I started to sing a tune that began with, “Come along with me….” and ended with “Endo Strong.”

That moment of musical connection sparked some emotion between us and tears started to flow.

As he played the notes, words started to pour out of me, fueled by the hurt and pain that’s come from this life, unexpected.  I believe this pain is shared as I read the stories of other endo sisters during this month of awareness.

That night of musical melody lingered in my memory. I sang those words around the house and continued to press for him to get back on his guitar so we could finish up and record our song together.

“It’s endometriosis awareness month,” I reminded him, “We need to get this song out!”

A Magical Collaboration in Song

Then this past weekend…. it finally happened.

He picked up his acoustic and laid down a track for me. And I tell you what…. the rest is history.  It was a magical flow. A musical collaboration of epic proportions. Our first attempt at it.

I sang the words I’d been singing around the house since that first night we finally connected in musical harmony.

Ryan added bass (his first time playing it) and then turned it all into a beautiful production that I then added images to. I wanted to create a visual depiction of the emotions that come with this life with endometriosis and the long time it takes to finally get a diagnosis.

I am super excited to share this with you! So, without further adieu here it is…..

On the Positive Side?

This life with endometriosis has not been a solo journey. Ryan has been by my side through it all.

When we got married our theme was music. Our invitations were concert tickets, our table markers had quotes from some of our favorite songs. Following our first dance, we did our first Rock Band song as husband and wife and rocked it out in front of our friends and family 🙂

We started off with music and this year, 2016, we came together in song, on an issue that’s impacted our lives and the lives of millions of our endo sisters across the world.

I believe that great healing can come when we release the pain inside in creative ways. And through this mode of expression we get to share with others.

I hope that you enjoyed our song! I feel it is an expression of the question that plagues so many ladies with endometriosis – What’s wrong with me?

With LOVE,

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