The healing power of nature

This past weekend my hubby and I headed up to the mountains to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. It was great to get away and connect with nature.

There is something about being in the thick of wilderness beside a steady stream and crackling fire that is super healing to me.

On our anniversary day we hiked through forests of pine and aspens with a beautiful view of three snow capped peaks that nearly touched the clouds.

The hike followed the shore of a sparkling lake. The sun was high in the sky, but a steady breeze off the water kept it from getting too hot.

The hike wore us all out, especially our two boxers, who collapsed in the back seat of our SUV, their tongues out and panting.

A couple seconds later and…

We stopped at a food truck (one of the only places to eat in the small town), then made our way back up the mountain. My hubby was driving.

As he turned the curve, we spotted a white sports car speeding towards us. It was trying to pass another car so it was on the wrong side of the road, headed right towards us.

Since we were on a curvy mountain road, there was no where to pull off to. My husband slammed on the brakes and we watched, breath held, as the car came only a few feet from slamming into us head on.

At the last second it cut back into the other lane.

A couple of seconds later and I’m sure all four of us would have been dead. Needless to say, that shook us up.

Happenings like that are a stark reminder that our time is short. At any moment it could all be over. Boom. No more.

No stranger to death…

I’m no stranger to death. I lost a love at an early age. He died in a head-on car accident, like the one we escaped from unscathed by only seconds.

I played a song at his funeral by Tim McGraw: Live Like You Were Dying. The incident made me take another listen to this song, that still stirs something inside of me in those initial notes. Check it out….

What am I doing with my time here?

Death has a way of making you re-evaluate life. What am I doing with my time here?

Have you heard that expression that the human body is simply a vehicle for your soul to experience this life? Not sure where I heard that, maybe from Castiel in Supernatural, Lol.

What I’m getting at is this – your time on earth is short in the long scheme of things and the length of your time here is uncertain.

It’s easy to sink into the pain and fear.

Or… we can tap into the magic inside of us and figure out the expressions of our soul, so it can be brought forth into this world, as a mark of existence.

Creation is beautiful and creation stimulates this source. 

Now’s the time to do what you love. To express your soul, to experience joy.

On the Positive Side?

That night after our near death experience, we hung out by the fire. My hubby played the acoustic guitar, while I wrote my new book, lit up with the light from a flashlight and the nearly full moon.

I needed to get it out. We both did.

Being so high in the sky (over 9,000 feet above sea level) I felt like we were even closer to the divine. We took on that creative energy and gave a medium to express our souls in this beautiful experience called life.

The time is NOW, love. Don’t wait. Create. Express yourself. Speak your truth. Don’t hold back. Love & forgive.

You just never know when your time here will be no more.

I’m grateful to be writing to you today.

Sending LOVE,



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