I recently watched an interview with Tony Robbins, which led me to watch his awesome documentary on Netflix called I Am Not Your Guru.

Have you seen this one? If not, then please do. It’s well worth your time.

While I’ve heard of Tony Robbins, this was the first time I was introduced to his work and his message. I related to many of his teachings, especially around the topic of suffering.

In the interview, he delivered a message that I made note of. It was around this idea of giving and receiving and the delicate balance between the two.

He talked about how this came up in his own life. How great he was at giving, but not as much at receiving. He was used to being the one giving, his life’s work surrounded this.

What happens when this energy of giving and receiving is disrupted? Then you attract more people in your life that want to take from you.

I related to this. I too have notoriously been good at giving, not so much at receiving. I really struggle asking for help. I like to feel in control. I’m not great at delegating tasks. I think that I can do it all.

I feel called to give to ladies struggling with endo. I seek to pull us together in community, in the sacred healing space of women, joining energy and support. I put a lot of outward energy into this.

An Imbalance of Giving

Shortly after watching that interview and documentary, I met with a gal that balances chakras. She mentioned the issues that were present in my lower chakras: root and sacral. Both areas encompass the pelvic area and that which is most greatly impacted by endometriosis.

Because of these imbalances, she also brought up this idea of giving and receiving. There was an imbalance with my energy – too much output (giving) without enough receiving.

At the time, this was true. I had been going, going, going, excited about projects and creating on top of a full time job and other general tasks of life. In turn, I’d neglected my down time. I’d neglected my sleep.

She could see this imbalance as my root chakra pulled to the right.

This giving output relates to “male” energy. It’s driven. It gets things done. This male energy correlates with the right side of your body (the part of my body where I’ve always had all my physical issues).

The left side of your body ties to feminine energy, which is about nurturing and creativity.

To find balance, she recommended getting back in tune with my feminine energy. She recommended a couple of books to help me get there – Wild Feminine and Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Giving & Receiving in the Pelvic Bowl

I read through Wild Feminine. The author, Tami Kent, is a pelvic floor therapist. In the book, she describes how much the pelvic floor stores tension and emotions. Things can get very tense in this area.

Tami includes many different exercises in Wild Feminine to help you get re-connected to your root and feminine power.

Again, this message of giving and receiving appeared, as the pelvic bowl is all about giving and receiving. It can give new life and creative energy to the world and it receives in a sexual manner.

I thought back to my own pelvic space and how much of a struggle it’d been for me to receive here. Be it sexually or medically from exams and procedures.

When my pelvis has received, it usually meant pain was to follow. With all the pain stimulated from receiving, the muscles can tense up and stay that way.

Not to mention the pain and trauma that happens in this area with endometriosis, impacting not only your pelvic floor, but also your nervous system, which can stay in arousal mode, if it’s stimulated for too long by pain.

I saw how this metaphor of giving and receiving in my pelvic region is reflected out in my life. Why do I struggle so much to receive? Maybe because subconsciously it’s related to pain?

I think when the balance of giving and receiving is off that we can get stuck (like a frozen pelvis). We get burnt out, giving too much of ourselves. Physically,  your adrenal glands get overworked, making further output that much more difficult.

Conscious Effort to Receive

With acknowledgment of this “received” message that continues to show in my path, I recognize that it’s time for me to receive.  I’ve reached a stage in my healing journey when it’s time to ask for help.

I’ve made micro movements in this direction. As I’ve mentioned before, I hold a lot of medical trauma in my pelvic space and the thought of seeing a doctor stirs something inside of me that is most recognized as fear.

One way I’ve been practicing the art of receiving is with acceptance of kindness and complements. Historically when others complemented me, I’d shrug it off as not a big deal and change the subject to get the attention away from me.

I’ve practiced accepting and receiving complements. Acknowledging them with gratitude, not pushing them away, but rather standing in the truth that I deserve to receive.

Another part of receiving, and perhaps the most important, comes from ourselves. We must give attention to our inner feminine, nurturing role. We must care for ourselves as we do others.

Rest. Restore. Get outside. Get grounded. Get rooted with the earth, as the pelvic space is the root of your body and the first to develop in life. Breathe.

With nurturing comes healthy food, laughter and fun. You deserve this.

Yoga is another way to get grounded and connect with movement and breath. I’ve made an effort to do this more.

I understand that it can be a struggle to take time for yourself and not feel guilty about it. But you deserve it. Take the time. Slow down. It’s Ok if it all doesn’t get done.

On the Positive Side?

I believe that sometimes we are sent messages from a greater source, a collective energy or as Carl Jung described it: the collective consciousness.

We need to receive these messages, as they point us down a proper path, in line with our own needs and desires and projected energy in this world.

Synchronicity. Carl Jung also wrote about this. I recently read his essay on it. This is not something he could scientifically prove. It’s often labeled as coincidence. But is it really?

I do believe that there is a greater pull and as you raise your own vibrations and live in your truth, in line with your gifts and place in this cosmic force, then synchronicity becomes more prevalent, especially when you’re paying attention.

Are you open to receiving the message?

Much LOVE,

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