I’ve been strongly drawn to the medium of sound, over and over again throughout my life, and strongly so in the past couple of months. There’s a reason for this.

Sound is a powerful medium.

The sense of sound develops when an embryo is only three weeks old and it’s said that hearing is the last active sense to exist before death.

Sound is vibration. It’s energy. I think that it lives on.

Healing Power of Sound + Expression

The medium of sound has been used for centuries in healing traditions and spiritual experiences. Church bells, chimes and singing bowls are used to start and end many spiritual rituals and practices.

When I attended church as a child the music was always my favorite part. My parents were in the choir and my mother often times had solo parts where her voice sounded out in powerful waves through the congregation, a reflection of her soul, singing out.

In high school I was in an all-girls performance choir. I was drawn to the harmony of voices, each with it’s own part, but sounding as a whole.

Singing introduced me to the power of my breath and allowed me a way to express myself.

Emotion of Music

Music is powerful. It holds and transfers emotions. You know that song. The one that always makes you feel a certain way when you hear it? It brings up a memory. It brings up energy.

A couple of months ago a new song came out of me after a moment of synchronicity. I found myself singing it whenever I felt fearful or overwhelmed. It helped to calm me down. It made me feel safe.

It was built with spiritual undertones. It was the voice of my soul.

For the Love of My Singing Bowl

I recently gifted myself with a Himalayan singing bowl. It’s brought an amazing new vibration of sound to my day. Whenever I’m feeling out of sorts, I sit and get grounded with sound.

The singing bowl is super relaxing. The rhythm of my hand spins in a symbolic circle of life, of vibration, of sound.

Singing bowls are often times used within massage practices. The vibrations can help balance out energy and bring things back into alignment.

It calms things down.

I’ve been using the singing bowl as a tool for meditation and have been sharing this within group meditations in the private Facebook group that I host called Finding Peace With Endo.

You can join us here.

Express yourself and heal yourself

The vibration of sound plays a key role in your physical body as well. This is most greatly seen with the role of your vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is a long nerve that connects your brain to your gut and connects many other important organs along the way including your liver, spleen, pancreas, heart and lungs.

The tone of your vagus nerve is key to activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rest and digest part of your nervous system. It’s the calming, healing part of you.

High vagal tone has a positive impact on many of your body’s systems including blood sugar regulation, digestion, and mental health. It also plays a key role with regulating inflammation in your body.

You can stimulate high vagal tone through the medium of sound: talking, singing, humming, slow, rhythmic, diaphragmatic breathing.

On the Positive Side?

For so long I was the quiet girl. A writer. Silent behind the words. But I feel like synchronistic messages have been driving me to speak out.

I visualize a future with me up on stage, using my voice, helping others to find peace. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to me, as the practice is rooted in my family.

My mother showed this to me as a child, singing out her voice into the church and later my father took the stage as a spiritual leader.

The thought of speaking in front of a bunch of people still freaks me out a bit, but I set an intention this year to do more of what stirs that fear in my belly because I know that means that growth is to follow.

I will be speaking out. It’s starting with my new Peace With Endo Podcast!

Check out the first episode here: Synchronicity in Sound.

Much LOVE,


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