Hello September! Where has the time gone? August was an intense time around here and it kept me from sharing as much as I wanted to in this space.

I’ve been going through some hefty transformation that’s unfolding in my personal healing journey and in the future of the Peace with Endo movement. Big things are on the horizon!

I’m excited to share all of that with you as September unfolds. Stay tuned!

As all this change and transformation has gone down, I’ve been blessed with relatively mild periods. Yay! That’s a positive after effect 🙂

I’ve found that the severity of the start of my period is impacted by the habits I implement in the days before hand, and I’d like to share some of those tips with you today.

When I have the following habits in place, then my body thanks me… big time!

#1. Clear Schedule for Rest

This is the most important piece for me. My period wipes me out. That’s made way worse if I have to be somewhere. When an obligation is set during this time, it stresses me out.

I am in tune with my menstrual cycle thanks to the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).  I have a good idea of when my period will arrive, and I clear that time for rest!

(Learn how to implement FAM in my free course here.)

If I don’t schedule rest, then I regret it every time. Your body is sensitive to stress, especially in those times close to your period.

I try and schedule outings and social events in the first half of my menstrual cycle when I naturally have more energy and vitality to connect with others. That’s also the time when I try to get things done around the house.

That way the time before my period can be truly for rest and rejuvenation. If anything is scheduled prior to my period, it’s a massage or sauna time. Anything that’s relaxing.

#2. Netflix & a Good Book at Hand

Prior to my period and when it arrives, one of my best courses of action is to distract myself. I like to have a Netflix show ready to binge or a good fiction book loaded up on my Kindle.

This allows my mind to escape and focus less on the pain.

#3. Avoid Animal Products

In the two to three days leading up to the start of my period I try and avoid eating any animal products. Meat and dairy house inflammatory prostaglandins.

These are oil based hormones that cause a lot of the pain, cramping and contractions that are related to endometriosis. They’re produced by your endometrium and endometriosis implants.

There’s a great release of inflammatory prostaglandins with the start of your period. So, your body’s going to be more sensitive to them at this time. It’s not a good idea to add in more to the mix via animal products.

(Read more about prostaglandins here.)

When I avoid all meat and dairy during in the days before my period arrives, I always feel better.

#4. Load up on Anti-inflammatory Foods

To help balance out the inflammatory prostaglandins that are released at the start of my period, I make sure to load up on anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

I do this primary with a high dose of Algae oil. (Here’s the one I’ve been taking).

I also load up on fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure to drink plenty of water to flush things out. I make sure I have simple to eat foods for when my period does arrive such as soup and fruit.

My go-to smoothie for pain includes coconut milk, frozen wild blueberries, avocado and raw honey.

#5. Clean the Tub & Stock up on Epsom Salt

My primary go-to for the pain with the start of my period is a warm (not hot!) epsom salt bath. This really helps to soothe and calm my muscles.

There’s something very healing to me about water during this time. I’ve spent eight to twelve hours sometimes in the tub when my period starts! It’s the sanctuary where I find relief.

So, it’s important for this space to be clean! I make sure to clean the tub in the days before my period’s set to come and I make sure to have epsom salt on hand. (Here’s what I use).

On the Positive Side?

Coming to the other side of having horrible traumatic periods gives me great hope. As the pain with my periods has lessened, endometriosis has become more manageable for me. It’s not as big of a disruption as it once was.

A big part of the relief I’ve found has come from the emotional and spiritual healing that’s happened in the my life over the past year.

I’ve captured much of that story in my upcoming book called Energetics of Endo. I’ve been doing some smoothing and polishing of it before it gets handed off to my editor later this month. She’ll be the first set of eyes to read it through. Eek.

Curious… What do you do to prepare for your period? What natural choices have helped you have less pain?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Much LOVE,

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