Peace with Endo had its sixth birthday this week! I remember when I published my first post here six years ago. I was super nervous to put my voice out there. It took a long while for me to reveal my identity, to show my face and share my name.

Now, six years later, there’s no more hiding from the fact that I have endometriosis. I wrote a book! I’ve made my mark on the Internet. Ha.

In perfect synchronicity, on this year’s anniversary, I finished up the draft to my newest book called Energetics of Endo, and passed it off to my editor. Eek. I’m feeling very vulnerable having another set of eyes read it. It’s a true reflection of my soul.

Within the pages are the story of a great amount of transformation that has happened to me over the past couple of years. Within that has come one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from endometriosis and one that shifted everything.

A Lesson on Receiving

That lesson was on receiving. It showed up about a year ago. (I wrote a post about the balance between giving & receiving during that time. You can read it here.)

After learning that my body held an imbalance, that I was giving way more than I was receiving, I made a conscious effort to change that energy.

Before I sat down to meditate each day I set a verbal intention, “I am open to receiving. I am open to receiving love, help, guidance, and abundance. Please show me the way.”

The act of meditation in and of itself is one of receiving. It’s a time when you listen and connect with your inner higher guidance and with God, source, the universe, whatever you believe.

I continued to set that verbal intention to receive every day before meditation and it didn’t take long for things to happen. People came into my life in synchronicity, and they shifted my reality in profound ways. I tell much of that story in Energetics of Endo. 

Women Who Inspire

One of the women I connected with shortly after I started speaking my verbal intention to receive is a beautiful soul named Kate Butler. She invited me to write a chapter in a collaborative book that she was putting together called Women Who Inspire.

I accepted the invitation and am so glad I did. The project connected me with a group of amazing, strong women who have overcome so much in their lives. I’m proud to include a bit of my story that serves as a voice for endometriosis awareness.

Women Who Inspire is set for release Tuesday, September 26th, 2017! Order your signed copy here now. 

On the Positive Side?

Once I opened up to receive I was magically led down a journey of deeper soul healing. I was guided to people that changed my perspective and my life.

I was guided to women like Kate Butler who are making a difference in the world by helping to share other women’s stories and triumphs so that we all feel inspired to make this life better, to learn from our challenges and grow to our highest potential.

I’m proud and humbled to be a woman who inspires and to have my story marked in this moment of great growth and transformation.

I’m proud that six years later Peace with Endo has grown into a world wide community of endo sisters. I’m proud to see the connections that have bridged from that.

I’m awed by that impacts that have come from my decision a little over six years ago to start sharing in this space on the Internet. Thank you so much for being part of this journey, love. I feel blessed to have connected with you.

Much Love,

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