It’s the second week within a month’s exploration into the lower “body” chakras, which are most impacted by endometriosis. (Read more about chakras, energy & endometriosis here.)

In conjunction with this, I’m hosting a month of free live guided group meditation sessions with focus on each week’s chakra point. (Find out more and sign-up to join us here.)

This week we’re exploring the second sacral chakra, which is located between your naval and pubic bone.

The color of the sacral chakra is orange. It’s represented by the earthly element of water.

Sacral Chakra Physical Connections

The sacral chakra connects with your ovaries, splenic and sacral nerve plexus.

On a physical basis the sacral chakra encompasses your reproductive organs, pelvis, large intestine, lower vertebrae, appendix and bladder (all areas often burdened by endometriosis).

Physical issues in the sacral chakra include fertility and other reproductive organ problems, menstruation difficulties, kidney and bladder issues.

On a mental level the sacral chakra deals with a balance of mind & body, center of Self, letting go and going with the flow.

Mental issues related to a blocked sacral chakra include anxiety, stress, depression, self-punishing thoughts and addiction.

Sacral History

There’s an excellent book on this subject of chakras called Anatomy of the Spirit by Dr. Caroline Myss. Myss is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine.

According to Dr. Myss, the sacral chakra pulsates and becomes distinct around the age of seven. Your energy shifted during that time to relationships that satisfied your personal and physical needs.

It was during that time that you began taking in nuances of what it means to be a woman. You learned society’s rules on proper and improper behavior and what it means to be a “good girl” or a “dirty girl”.

You may have learned that those rules aren’t always the same between male and female. As you grew older and explored external relationships you may have been called a “prude” or a “whore”.

The sacral chakra deals with ideas of sexuality, sensuality, creativity, happiness and joy. It relates to emotional identity, desire and personal relationship issues, including expressing your needs and desires.

Opposing Forces in the Sacral Chakra

There’s a dual nature that’s active in the sacral chakra. This division of forces shares different names: yin/yang, male/female, shadow/light, sun/moon. It encompasses the balance of giving and receiving.

This dual nature of the sacral chakra challenges you to make choices in a world of opposing sides, of positive and negative energy patterns.

The patterns of energy generated in your sacral chakra attracts people who are opposite of you in some way, who have something to teach you, or to help you come to know yourself. 

Relationships bring revelations about your strengths and weaknesses.

Sacral Space, Sex & Expression

The second chakra contains the desire and ability to birth new life. This happens through the spiritual act of sex, which serves as an avenue of self-expression in which you drop your physical boundaries in order to enjoy the pleasure of human contact.

For those of us with endometriosis, this act can bring pain. 

We don’t always learn how to express what we need sexually. This can lead to dissatisfaction from both parties and can threaten the nature of the relationship. Worry about betrayal rises up, bringing more stress to this space.

Your sacral chakra is connected physically and energetically to your throat chakra and modes of expression.

Within that throat and sacral connection, you learn to communicate in relationships and to express what you do or don’t desire.

(For more on this take a listen to the Peace with Endo podcast epsiode about sex with endo here.)

The Shadow Side of the Sacral Chakra

According to Dr. Myss, the shadow side of the sacral chakra consists of some of the most prevalent fears: rape, betrayal, financial loss, poverty, abandonment, isolation and the ability to care for yourself.

Sexual violations in the form of rape, incest and child molestation are physical and energy violations that heavily impact your sacral space.

Violations in the sacral space aren’t only physical. This can also show up with verbal abuse or disempowering attitudes.

Consistent criticism about your professional skills, ambitions, accomplishments or your physical appearance are motivated by a desire to place control over you. Energetically this violates your sense of personal power.

Your sexual organs house these negative beliefs and actions, leaving behind heavy energetic scars that can impact you physically. 

The Need to Control

The sacral chakra relates to the need to control the dynamics of your external life.

Dr. Myss states that illnesses that originate in the sacral chakra, like endometriosis, are activated by the fear of losing control.

That fear can come from feeling a loss of power over your physical body.

That’s a feeling I’ve known far too well given the incredible pain from endometriosis, a condition that can feel very much out of control. You can’t see it, so you don’t know what’s going on inside. It can flare up out of nowhere and knock you completely off your feet.

There’s an underlying worry that things are getting worse. We’re fed with fearful messages that it will.

According to Dr. Myss the lesson in the second sacral chakra is that you can’t always control the outside environment, but you do have a say in how you respond internally with your thoughts and emotions.

How to Support Your Sacral Chakra

#1. Get Creative.

The sacral space is all about creativity, or the physical sensation of being alive. Sacral energy gives us our basic survival instincts and intuition as well as desire to make music art and poetry.

When you engage in creative activities you stimulate energy that supports the sacral space. This energy can propel you along a path that you may not have been anticipated and it can enhance the power of positive choices.

Creativity is a spiritual act in and of itself. The act of creation is one of the Divine, just like you.

How do you express yourself creativity?

#2. Get in the Water.

The sacral space’s earthly element is water. Getting in and around water helps, whether it be a lake, river or the ocean.

Or you could take a nice warm bath. Add some Epsom salt for even greater relaxation.

#3. Rest & Receive.

The dualist factors of giving and receiving in the sacral space can easily get out of balance. As women we are natural givers. How often do you create space to receive?

Make space for rest. Cultivate self-care practices and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

#4. Meditate.

Meditation is the best way to shift into energy of receiving. Moments of stillness allow you to hear intuitive divine wisdom.

Meditation helps bring some peace and calm into your day. It also can help to move out stagnate energy and balance out the sacral chakra.

Join me for a live guided sacral chakra meditation here.

On the Positive Side?

Your sacral space is connected physically and energetically to your heart, throat, 3rd eye and root chakras. When you support this powerful space, you feel the impacts throughout your energy system.

When your sacral chakra is balanced you feel creative, sensual, confident and in flow with the energy of joy.

When I addressed the major energetic issues I had in my sacral chakra space I was finally able to release the horrible pain with my periods and sex became amazing again. I share more of this story in my upcoming book, Energetics of Endo.

I invite you to put even greater focus on the sacral chakra with this week’s live group meditation session. Sign-up to join us here.

Much Love,

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