It’s the third week within a month’s exploration into the lower “body” chakras, which are most impacted by endometriosis. (Read more about chakras, energy & endometriosis here.)

In conjunction with this, I’m hosting a month of free live guided group meditation sessions with focus on each week’s chakra point. (Find out more and sign-up to join us here.)

This week we’re exploring the third solar plexus chakra, which is located above your navel, just below your rib cage. 

The color of the solar plexus is yellow. It’s represented by the earthly element of fire, light and heat.

Solar Plexus Physical Connections

The solar plexus connects with your pancreas and celiac nerve plexus.

On a physical basis the solar plexus reigns over your digestive system, metabolism, liver and gallbladder.

Physical issues in the solar plexus chakra show up as diabetes, pancreatic and adrenal imbalances, intestinal issues and low blood pressure.

Your solar plexus supports will power, self-assertion, transformation and personal freedom. It’s your connection with your sense of power and understanding of your higher Self.

Your solar plexus is the magnet for your personality and ego. It encompasses feelings of self-esteem, self-respect, fear of rejection and oversensitivity to criticism.

Emotional blockages in your solar plexus show up as lack of self-esteem, timidity, depression, self-image issues, fear of rejection, inability to make decisions, judgmental feelings, perfectionism, anger, and hostility.

Solar Plexus & Personal Power

Personal power shows up in the third chakra at the solar plexus. This is the power center of your belly, housing your digestive organs, which have a big impact with endometriosis.

Ever since you were young you’ve been exploring this relationship to power. You learned who had the power, how to attract power and how to use it.

As I mentioned last week, there’s an excellent book on the subject of chakras called Anatomy of the Spirit by Dr. Caroline Myss, a pioneer in the field of energy medicine.

Dr. Myss is clear that personal power’s necessary for health. The people in your life and the choices you make each moment are expressions and symbols of your personal power.

You may hesitate to challenge someone who you believe holds more power than you, or may agree to do things because you don’t believe you have the power to refuse.

According to Dr. Myss, if you don’t have the internal sense of personal power and only relate to external demands of material items, or allow other authority figures to tell you what to do, then you’re led into a direction of dis-ease.

What gives you power and what makes you feel powerless? Are you being controlled by an external power?

Setting Boundaries

On a mental level the solar plexus chakra has to do with the establishment of healthy boundaries.

Remember that the word, “No,” is a complete sentence and it’s Ok to use it often.

It’s Ok not to do it all. It’s Ok to disappoint sometimes, especially when it serves you and your healing best.

As an empath, this idea of boundaries is even more important. It’s my natural desire to want to heal the pain of others, and in turn, I take some of that on myself.

Because of this energy exchange, one must be careful not to spend too much time and energy on those that literally drain you.

Surround yourself with people who witness and honor the power inside of you and steer clear from those who want to control you and take your power away.

You have the power.
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You have the power.

The concept of personal power in the solar plexus region shows up as a symbol of fire, an inner flame that will not be extinguished by outer forces.

If you’re going to get better, you must believe it’s possible. You must believe in yourself, love, and all that your amazing body is capable of.

Low self-esteem reflects a lack of faith in yourself as one of the most powerful beings in your health and healing.

How we feel about ourselves, whether we respect ourselves, determines the quality of our life, our capacity to succeed in business, relationships, healing, and intuitive skills. Self-understanding and acceptance, the bond we form with ourselves, is in many ways the most crucial spiritual challenge we face. In truth, if we do not like ourselves, we will be incapable of making healthy decisions. Instead, we will direct all of our personal power for decision-making into the hands of someone else: someone whom we want to impress, or someone before whom we think we must weaken ourselves to gain physical security.

~ Dr. Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

If you struggle with self-esteem, you may feel like you cannot act on your intuitive impulses because you’re overtaken by fear. You don’t trust the intuitive pull in your solar plexus that shows up as “gut feelings.”

Trust your gut.

Your solar plexus houses your digestive tract and what has been coined “your second brain.” Your gut and third eye are connected via the vagus nerve. Both of these spots are sources of your intuition.

Often times your intuitive gut feelings happen before your brain responds. You feel it in your belly.

You may feel fearful when it comes to taking action on them. Trust those intuitive gut feelings anyway. Your inner guidance will never steer you wrong. I promise.

Deny them and you’ll regret it. I’ve learned that the hard way.

How to Support Your Solar Plexus Chakra

#1. Eat nourishing foods.

Your digestive tract is where nearly 80% of your immune system is. It’s where your body absorbs vitamins and minerals that are essential for you to live your best life.

Fill your body with whole, nourishing foods everyday. Focus on getting in fruits and veggies, which have easy to absorb fiber to help keep things moving out.

#2. Support & strengthen your core.

Yoga is a great way to support and strengthen your solar plexus and core area. I’ve found that yoga helps my digestion. It releases stagnation and gets things flowing.

Pilates is another great core strengthening choice, though it’s not something I’ve explored… yet.

#3. Get out and soak up the sun.

The solar plexus’ connection to the earth and fire energy is the present in the rays of the sun. Get out and soak it up as much as possible.

#4. Meditate.

Meditation is the best way to support your solar plexus and connect back to your personal power. Moments of stillness allow you to hear intuitive divine wisdom.

Meditation helps bring some peace and calm into your day. It also can help to move out stagnate energy and balance out the solar plexus chakra.

Join me for a live guided solar plexus chakra meditation here.

#5. Honor your gut instinct.

Pay attention to the intuitive pull that shows up in your solar plexus region. If something feels off, trust that. If something feels right, trust that.

If you need help making a decision, pause, close your eyes and breathe into your solar plexus chakra. What does it have to say?

On the Positive Side?

When your third chakra is balanced you feel energetic, confident, intelligent, decisive, and productive, with good digestion and mental focus.

When you connect back to your personal power you’ll see that anything is possible.

Your body is simply a house for your soul to experience this life on earth. Some of that experience is painful, but it doesn’t add up to all that is you.

You are so much more, love. You are powerful. Step into that.

I invite you to put even greater focus on the solar plexus chakra with this week’s live group meditation session. Sign-up to join us here.

Much Love,

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