There are different layers of healing when it comes to a complex condition like endometriosis. While we tend to put focus on the physicality’s, there are other emotional and energetic components to consider.

I can account for this in my own healing journey. Things didn’t really start to shift until I addressed deeper emotional blocks going on in my energy system.

Episode ten of the Peace with Endo Podcast features a chat I had with Audrey Michel from Rewired Life. She shares her story and success with addressing what she calls the emotional body. She offers up tools and tips to help with emotional healing via various neuro-tools that shift your neuroplastic pathways.

Take a listen.

About Audrey Michel

Audrey Michel is a spiritual growth coach, author, radio host, and essential oil educator.

As she recounts in her book, Rewired Life: A Journey to Untangle Chronic Pain and Endometriosis, Audrey Michel endured chronic pain and disease for half her life. At her breaking point, she finally let her internal wisdom speak up and speak out, leading her on a path to self-discovery and true healing beyond what Western medicine could offer. Through it all, she learned to acknowledge the mind-body connection and its healing abilities, and after 17 years, she is pain- and symptom-free. In her book, blog, and teaching she shares her breakthroughs and methods of discovering deep inner connection and personal growth.

Through her radio show, Rewired Life™ Radio, Audrey continues her mission to empower women to heal through the inspiring guests she brings on. Each week she and her guests dig deep into topics around learning Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life.

Audrey Michel teaches individuals to rewire their emotions through the use of powerful neuro-tools, including affirmations, meditations, and essential oils. 

Audrey brings positivity, growth, wellness, and inspiration to empower women to heal. What she speaks and teaches she learned firsthand, and it is a part of her being. Audrey knows that our bodies are powerful and hold a wealth of information and when we learn to interpret the messages, we hold the key to healing our bodies, minds, and spirits.

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