Here we are again: endometriosis awareness month. As another year has passed, I can’t help but reflect on my own journey with endo and all that has changed this past year.

I’ve unraveled truths and transformation along the way that has resulted in a great amount of healing, all of which has helped spark my future intentions for the Peace with Endo movement.

Yes, I said movement. That’s what I’d love for it to become. It’s needed.

I feel your pain.

One thing that was confirmed for me over the past year is that I’m definitely an empath. I feel things deeply. I pick up other people’s energy, on their emotions. I can feel your pain.

That gets tricky sometimes within the endometriosis community. I know there’s a lot of pain. I’ve felt it myself, and picked up on it from you.

As an empath, it’s a natural for me to want to help take away your pain. That way we both feel better.

One way I’ve served in this way has been by simply holding space, listening to your stories and offering support and/or advice. I’ve coached women one-on-one and taken in stories of grief, guilt and shame.

Endometriosis has a definite physical impact, but it also has a strong emotional impact. That can be just as intense as the physical pain, if not even more so.

I know. I’ve been in that dark place.

Power in Expressing the Pain

In my 1:1 coaching practice I’ve witnessed the healing power of expressing the pain to someone who gets it.

So often we don’t have the space to do so, outside of a doctor’s office, where the environment feels rushed and the pain’s easily numbed down with a prescription pad, rather than with a kind and compassionate ear that so many of us crave.

I was witness to the power of expressing the pain early in my coaching practice when one of clients lost twenty pounds of physical weight with little changes to her diet.

At the end of our six months together, she told me that the weight she was carrying was emotional.

Up until our time together, she didn’t have a safe space to share all that came along with endo. When she opened up and talked to me, a weight was lifted, literally.

How often do you speak up about all that comes along with endometriosis? Are you keeping it all inside?

Endo Sister Support

When I was first learning about endometriosis I spent a lot of time in online support groups and reading blogs from other endo sisters. Reading accounts of other brave endo sisters is what inspired me to start sharing here.

I’m forever grateful for the connections I’ve made through this blog space and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many of you I consider to be true friends. If we were in the same room, I’m sure we’d totally hit it off.

While I feel your pain, I also feel the compassion, the love, the support from a group of women that continue to inspire me. I know that you experience a tremendous amount of pain, yet you’re still willing to reach out and help another endo sister out.

Thank you for that, love.

Chronic Illness & Isolation

It can be isolating to live with a chronic illness. It’s hard for people in your life to understand.

I don’t get out as much as I used to. As I cross into the second half of my thirties, most people my age are busy with their kids, or are at a different stage of life where they want to go out and drink.

While I can do that once and awhile, it takes a big toll on my body.

If you deal with endo, or any other chronic condition, then I’m sure you understand the feeling of wanting to get out and socialize, but not being able to. Or if you do get out, you know that it can require a day to recover.

As an empath, large gatherings can get intense. It takes time to refuel and replenish after being around that much energy.

How nice would it be if you could still socialize with like minded ladies, without having to leave your living room? Sounds good to me.

Peace with Endo Connect

That idea sparked the creation of Peace with Endo Connect: an online membership community of endo sisters that includes face-to-face online support sessions, group meditations, a monthly book club and continuing education for women who want to manage endometriosis in a holistic way: body, mind and spirit.

There is an immense amount of power that comes when women come together under a shared intention for peace. Peace with Endo Connect will allow you to express yourself freely with other women who understand.

I envision it being a space of encouragement, support and accountability. It’s space for us to learn from each other, and for me to pass along the wisdom I’ve gained on my healing journey that’s resulted in less pain, more energy and peace with endo.

Interested? Find out more here.

On the Positive Side?

I feel we’re in a pivotal moment in history. Our world needs healing and that starts within, with you. I believe that women with endometriosis are powerful. We are sensitive, compassionate and have the potential to feel deeply.

It’s so much easier to make it through the journey when you have someone to lean on. When you have a tribe of women who will hold space for you.

While I can provide advice, sometimes the best thing is to release the energy that you need to from inside. Use your voice, express yourself, be heard and feel the support of a community of women who want to find peace with this dis-ease.

That’s what I forsee the Peace with Endo movement encompassing… community.

I invite you to join us in a deeper way. Together we rise.

Find out more about Peace with Endo Connect here.

Much LOVE,

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