Episode 14 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features a chat I had with Mary Tice from Simply Endo Life. After being on the pill for over a decade and experiencing a host of side effects, Mary made the decision to come off of them and find a better way to manage endometriosis.

She offers some simple ways to help make the transition to naturally managing endometriosis. 

⬆️ Take a listen above.

About Mary Tice
Mary Tice
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Diagnosed at 14 with endometriosis, Mary spent most of her adult life on birth control pills. After severe side effects appeared, she made the decision with my doctor to come off them. Several years later, she miscarried and found out she had a 10.3 cm cyst that needed to be removed off her ovary. Since her surgery and having a new doctor tell her that birth control was the only solution, she decided there had to be a better way.

She has been studying herbal healing for a decade and used herbal remedies to heal strep, flu, ease colds and in general stay healthy. Once she decided to heal endo naturally, everything fell into place. Removing foods like gluten, certain beans, lactose, refined sugars and more has decreased her pain from a level 10 every day to a level 7 one or two days a month.

The rest of the time, she’s virtually pain free. She rarely suffers from endo belly or long flare ups. Natural healing has been around centuries for a reason, it works. So now she shows other endo warriors that they too can have a life worth living again.

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