As soon as the word endometriosis entered my vocabulary, I heard over and over again that there’s no cure.

That message’s often coupled with dark and depressing stories of women who’ve struggled for years, having multiple surgeries and taking damaging medications, even though these choices aren’t always effective and leave many with other life-long symptoms.

You’re told that if you don’t choose these options that the endo will get worse. It’ll spread and impact your fertility.

These messages are fueled by fear. I know that feeling well. I’ve experienced it myself, and as an empath, I feel it often in the endo community.

But what if there’s another way?

Open to receiving help

I first heard about Anthony William from another endo sister on Instagram. She was grateful for his bookMedical Mediumas it helped her finally find relief from severe endometriosis and all the many symptoms that come along with it.

Her post prompted me to order the first Medical Medium book nearly two years ago, but it sat unread amidst a stack of other books for months.

Shortly before I finally picked it up, I began starting my days with a verbal declaration that I was open to receiving. I did this because it had come to my attention that my energy was out of balance. I was giving way more than I was receiving.

I let the energy that’s out sight: God, the universe, my angels and guides know that I was open to receiving guidance and help. I said these words each morning before my meditation practice.

I was open to receiving when I picked up Medical Medium. I think it was the perfect time for me to do so. I immediately connected with the spiritual components in Anthony’s message.

Connecting to Spirit

In the beginning of Medical Medium, Anthony tells his story and how he first connected to what he calls the Spirit of Compassion, or simply, Spirit.

This connection showed up when he was only four years old. He heard a clear message in his ear to walk up to his grandmother and say the words “lung cancer”.

She had no outward symptoms of lung cancer at the time, but when she went to the doctor she found that her young grandson’s diagnosis was true.

Since that time Spirit hasn’t left Anthony. With Spirit’s assistance he has been able to accurately diagnose people and help them heal from chronic mysterious conditions.

He has helped hundreds of thousands of people get better when the conventional medical system left them with no viable solution.

A Leap of Faith

I understand that it takes a leap of faith to believe that there’s an energy source of compassion who wants the world to heal from the startling rise of chronic illness and that Anthony’s tapped into that source of wisdom.

I know that for many there’s a struggle between the intermingling of faith and science, enough for some to dismiss Anthony’s claims.

But that wasn’t the case for me. Something felt right about his words. Perhaps I was picking up on the spiritual vibe that ran through them.

That being said, I took a leap of faith and after reading Medical Medium, I took action.

And since following his recommendations, I’m feeling better than I ever have.

This has made me want to share his information with others in the endo community.

As I’ve continued to do so, I’ve watched other endo sisters have success by following his protocols too, and now I see them recommending this information to others who are struggling.

It lights me up to see this ripple effect happening.

What causes endometriosis?

It has always bugged me that there’s no concretely known cause for endometriosis. It’s difficult to find a solution to something when you don’t know what causes it, right?

I bet Spirit knew the answer.

After multiple Tweets to the Medical Medium Twitter account asking about the cause of endometriosis and requests for Anthony to do a podcast on the topic, I was stoked to see that he heeded my request.

I was excited to hear what Spirit had to say about endometriosis.

The podcast show on healing endometriosis was released a few weeks ago. (You can listen to it here.)

I found it to be super interesting. Anthony revealed the cause of endo and provided hope that it’s possible to heal, a possibility that’s counter to the primary messages that you hear about endometriosis.

Protecting the uterus & source of new life

In the show Anthony talked about the power of the uterus. It’s the source of new life, and because of that endometrial cells hold the nutrients for sustaining life. Endometrial cells are resilient and intelligent.

We already kind of knew this, right? Those stray endometrial cells are so hard to get rid of!

Anthony explained how it’s natural for the uterus to protect itself and keep its insides cleaned out, in protection of its primary duty of cultivating new life.

The uterus is sensitive to toxins, heavy metals, viruses and pathogens that are abundant in our environment. When these components make it inside the uterus, in defense, these toxic cells are released out through the uterine walls.

According to Anthony, this process can happen at any time during the reproductive cycle, not just during menstruation.

This is why these endometrial cells end up outside the womb. They then attach themselves to different organs and very much impact your nervous system.

Fuel for Viruses & Pathogens

These stray endometrial cells then serve as fuel for viruses and pathogens, that may be present in your body.

Many of these viruses feed on hormones, heavy metals and toxins, so these stray endo cells serve as the perfect fuel, causing further inflammation and pain. They also wear out your immune system and put your nervous system on high alert.

Anthony discusses these damaging viral factors more in his book, Medical Medium, which helped me piece together many connections that I intuitively knew was true, including the strong impact the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) has had on my health. (Read more about EBV here).

As you starve these negative factors, it no longer serves as an inflammatory source and you start to feel better.

When you eliminate the viruses, heavy metals and toxins from your system, and strengthen up your digestion, then your immune system is able to address these stray cells and eliminate them from your body.

Anthony provides clear direction on what foods, supplements and herbs to take to help kill these factors off in his Medical Medium books.

On the Positive Side?

All in all this is a process of healing that takes time.

There isn’t a quick fix or what’s commonly called a medical “cure” for endometriosis, but this information leads to possibility that over time you can eliminate the negative effects of endo and regain your life without chronic pain and fatigue.

It’s a journey, for sure, but there is hope.

It’s so easy to fall into the negative messages about endo that are rampant in doctor’s offices and online. But please know—there’s another way. I hope this provides some light in the darkness of endo.

I’ve experienced the possibility of healing first hand and I’m so grateful I came across this information, which is why I’m sharing it with you now.

I hope it inspires you to check out the Medical Medium podcast on healing endometriosis here, pick up the Medical Medium books and take action!

It takes a leap of faith, patience and commitment, but I promise the results are worth it.

Have you read the Medical Medium books? Are you following the protocol? What kind of results have you felt? 

I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

With Love,

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