In this beautiful month of June I’ll be featuring inspiring stories of fellow endo sisters on their journey to find Peace with Endo. I’m super excited to share this with you.

It continues with Marines’ story. Check it out below.

Much Love,

An Overwhelming Diagnosis

Hi! My name is Marines Mejias. I work as a Compliance Auditor and I’m a Holistic Health Coach part time. I’m happily married and currently 34 weeks pregnant with a baby girl!

At the start of my journey with endo I felt scared, confused and overwhelmed, even though I was already working as a health coach, and I felt I was relatively healthy.

I had never heard about endo before, and I made an error of Googling about it. What I found was little information and not that great. It scared me even more.

Finding Another Way…

When I first started out on a holistic journey I was looking to avoid getting more cysts, to reduce my pain with my period, reduce fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, acne, and to get pregnant naturally.

I thought I had a long road ahead. I felt it was going to be really hard to get where I wanted to be, but once I started to work with those limiting beliefs, I was able to achieve those things faster.

Deep down I always knew there was another way.

I had been involved in the holistic world a long time before I found I had endo, so I knew that there has to be something different I could do, something natural, even if I didn’t know what it was at the time.

While I was looking for answers online I found Aubree’s blog here. It was one of the first websites that had more information about endo and alternative remedies.

I followed my intuition and I started to feel more relaxed about the choices I had.

I couldn’t do it alone.

I asked for help and I understood I couldn’t do it alone. I needed to reach out to those I knew could help me, either my husband, holistic practitioners, and/or support from other endo sisters.

That was part of my plan and part of my journey.

I started to find natural remedies for my symptoms. I changed my diet. I started to take supplements that could help with my symptoms, and found alternative therapies such as acupuncture, reiki, homeopathy, etc.

I started to talk about what I was feeling, my emotions, especially with my husband. That’s how I started to get deep into my feelings and understanding the road ahead.

Consistent steps forward

I was overwhelmed by everything I needed to do. I was scared by the symptoms, especially the pain I was having every time I got my period.

What if it doesn’t work? The amount of things I had to try and do, the hard work it was going to take, to feel the symptoms and the pain, not being able to live a normal life and to never be able to have a family because of it.

But I had faith and I knew that I just needed to be strong and to be consistent.

I had to do it even if it was hard because I didn’t want to continue living with pain and the way I was feeling. That was the only way, to commit and to be consistent. To persevere until I achieve what I wanted.

Investing in my health

At the beginning of my journey I felt like I didn’t have enough money to buy everything organic, but I made a decision to invest in my health, rather than wait until I felt sicker.

I think there’s a misconception about how expensive it is to eat healthy. It’s all about organization, learning a few things, buying local, seasonal and starting slow, so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Reducing animal products will help a lot with how much you spend, and it’s better for your health. Also focusing on one or two types of fruits per week and buying in bulk will help save some money.

In my opinion, there’s always a way to eat healthy in everyone’s budget. It’s worth it. It’s an investment for your health and that’s the most important thing you have. You can always cut a little bit in other things, but food is the most important thing and what we eat truly matters.

Potential for healing

Since the beginning I knew deep down that even though I didn’t understand endo as much or hadn’t heard about it before, I knew that there was an alternative and a way to heal with a holistic path.

Sometimes it was hard to imagine my body healing from something that everyone said it didn’t have a cure. I think society puts that deep in our minds and we cannot let them.

If I was able to do it, why can’t others do the same? I know everyone is different and what worked for me might not work for somebody else but there are so many options out there.

You just need to try, search and do the job.

I know it’s not easy. I know it’s hard. I know it’s frustrating and overwhelming at times, but we need to work with our limiting beliefs and open our minds.

Your body is capable of healing itself, but you need to provide the help your body needs. Give it the nutrients it needs to do the work and heal.

I know it can be hard to go straight to the holistic path, but you need to dig deeper into your heart and soul, know that there’s a way. I’m proof of that.

Educate yourself and try and try until you find what works for you.

There have been times when I had doubts along the way. When I didn’t feel better, when things felt like they weren’t working, when I had two miscarriages, but then I started to see the light and my positive thinking and visualization helped a lot.

Had I not continued on the holistic path, I would still have all the symptoms. I would probably feel depressed, never been able to get pregnant and my life will have been so much different!

Do it with love.

Love will cure it all. I believe that if you do everything with love, especially when it comes to your health, you can heal and feel better.

I believe your mind plays a big role in your healing journey, your emotions and past experiences as well. Sometimes we focus on the physical symptoms and we need to work on our emotions and what we have experienced in our lives.

Deal with everything that hurts, with what you went through in the past. Heal your relationships, reduce stress, do the things you love, be selfish sometimes and tons of self-care.

I always knew that it wasn’t only about eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. I knew that I needed to work on past issues, emotions, experiences that I needed to heal from, before my body was able to heal physically.

I know I will get there.

Now I’m feeling great! Truly amazing. I’m feeling healthy and strong. I’m happy that I followed my intuition, which got me to alternative therapies that have helped to heal me.

I believe there’s a lot I need to continue to do, but now that I feel so much better, I know I will get there. I have the tools and I know that my body is healing.

I’m so grateful and blessed to be pregnant and to feel great, to not feel the pain I was feeling, to have answers and ways to continue healing even more it’s amazing.

Everyone needs to try a holistic way to heal, it’s possible and I was able to do it so I believe everyone can.

I’ve gotten rid of my symptoms and achieving a healthy pregnancy, which all my family is super happy to welcome our little girl soon.

With Love,

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